What Are the Different Types of Vegetarian Dog Food?

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Whether feeding vegetarian dog food from choice or necessity, such as a medical condition, both dry and wet varieties as well as treats are available. Dry vegetarian dog food is available commercially, including V-Dog® Crunchy Nuggets that feature a combination of wheat, corn and soybean meal. Canned, or wet, vegetarian dog food is made by a variety of manufacturers. Wet food can also be made at home, as can vegetarian dog food treats.

Canned vegetarian dog food is formulated to serve dogs with allergies to common food ingredients, such as meat or dairy products. Canned versions of vegetarian dog food include Nature's Recipe® Adult Healthy Skin Cuts in Gravy Formula and Nature's Recipe Healthy Skin Vegetarian Recipe canned dog foods. AvoDerm® also offers a vegetarian canned dog food, and Dick Van Patten's® offers a Natural Balance vegetarian canned formula.

Dry-style vegetarian dog food is often free of additives and dairy and meat-free. Nature's Recipe® Healthy Skin Vegetarian Recipe Canine Formula is a dry food suited to dogs who are intolerant to certain foods, such as wheat, pork or dairy. Dr. Harveys® Canine Health vegetarian dry dog food features herbs, vegetables and organic grains. The company also offers a grain-free Veg-to-Bowl dog food, which is made from nine types of vegetables. Nature's Recipe® Vegetarian Canine Formula dry dog food features an additive-free vegetarian recipe for dogs who are sensitive to meat.


Pasta Pooch is a homemade dog food that features peas, cheese and shell pasta. It also contains eggs and spaghetti sauce and can be made ahead and frozen. Vegetarian rice porridge dog food features cooked rice, scallions and Swiss chard. It is flavored with sesame seed oil, tamari sauce and grated fresh ginger. Vegetarian dog food can also be made using quick-cooking oats, soy flour and wheat bran. These ingredients are combined with yeast, ground sunflower seeds and molasses.

Vegetable stew vegetarian dog food features sweet pepper, zucchini and yellow squash. The vegetables are mixed with eggplant and potato and boiled, and can be topped with shredded cheese before serving. To add protein to the dog's meal, the stew can be served with raw egg or beans. Vegetable chowder features red potatoes, kidney beans and corn. It is flavored with olive oil and a clove of garlic. Vegetable cookies can be made with peas, green beans and squash. The vegetables are combined with zucchini, carrots and applesauce. Cooked rice gives bulk to the cookies, which are rolled and baked.


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Excellent! Dr Harveys Canine Health is my favorite brand of dog food. And it seems actually affordable since it makes six times more.

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