What Are the Different Types of Vegan Puddings?

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Vegan puddings can be made in a variety of flavors, from Thai black rice pudding to peanut butter and chocolate bread pudding. Key ingredients in vegan puddings can vary, from sweet potato pudding featuring sweet potatoes and creamy coconut milk, to crushed pineapple, which gives flavor to dietetic diabetic pineapple pudding. The pudding also features soy milk, minute tapioca and vanilla extract.

Rice puddings are popular options for vegan puddings. Chocolate rice pudding features soy milk, pudding rice and dark chocolate. Coconut soy rice pudding features vanilla-flavored soy milk, arborio rice and unsweetened coconut milk. It is garnished with chopped pistachios and mango slices. Maple rice pudding features pure maple syrup, pure vanilla extract and ground cinnamon. It also features cooked long-grain rice and dried cranberries and is topped with nutmeg and slivered almonds.

Some vegan puddings feature fruit flavors. Rhubarb, strawberry and chocolate cake pudding features lightly-stewed and sugar-sweetened rhubarb layered with strawberries and chocolate cake. The pudding can be topped with chocolate chips, walnuts and soya cream. Jam roly poly pudding features self-rising flour, vegetable suet and raspberry or strawberry jelly. Lemon soy milk pudding features lemon zest and juice combined with soy milk.


Many vegan puddings are chocolate-flavored. Chocolate-banana pudding features sugar, bananas and cocoa. Yummy vegan chocolate pudding gets its chocolate flavor from chopped semisweet chocolate. It also features soy milk, soy creamer and egg replacer. Vegan valentine chocolate pudding features tofu, cocoa and grapeseed oil. Other options include vegan chocolate coconut pudding, vegan chocolate pudding with orange flavor, and raw vegan chocolate chia seed pudding.

Bananas are used to add sweet flavor to some vegan puddings. Raw vegan avocado pudding features avocados, ripe bananas and maple syrup blended until smooth. Southern-style banana pudding is made with a combination of mashed and sliced bananas. The mashed bananas are cooked with soy milk and then mixed with vanilla and rum extracts. Layers of sliced bananas are used alternately with vanilla cookies and pudding to create a multi-layered dish.

Vegan puddings feature a variety of flavors, including almond and peach. Vegan tapioca almond pudding features large pearl tapioca, almond milk and ground flax seed. It also gains flavor from ground almonds, vanilla extract and amaretto. Some vegan puddings feature alcohol, such as vegan bourbon peach bread pudding. The pudding also features non-dairy milk combined with organic brown sugar, vanilla bean and cinnamon. The mixture is added to gluten-free bread pieces, peaches and bourbon.


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