What are the Different Types of Vanity Units?

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There is a wide range of vanity units for the bathroom, which makes it possible for nearly anyone to find one that suits their home. One of the choices most people have is a wall mount vanity, which allows a vanity to fit even in a small bathroom. A corner vanity provides the same benefit, though this type is placed into a corner rather than mounted on the wall. Vanities also come in various materials, such as wood, glass, stainless steel, and PVC. Additionally, sink styles differ, ranging from a single or double sink to a vessel type that sits on top of the vanity.

Homeowners with small bathrooms may assume that most vanity units will not fit, but there are ways to add a vanity without running out of space. For example, wall mount vanity units can be attached to the wall, allowing them to fit even in bathrooms that barely have room for a toilet since they can be placed on the wall above existing bathroom fixtures. Some bathrooms have lots of corners and little flat wall space, in which case a corner vanity could work well. Rather than having to clear room against a wide wall, this type of vanity can be pushed into a corner since its back is angled rather than flat.


Most vanity units are made of wood, such as teak, mahogany, cherry, and oak. Since wood can be quite expensive and does not go well with every kind of décor, there are vanity units made out of different materials. For example, a stainless steel vanity is usually best for a bathroom with modern décor, and is also considered easy to keep clean. Glass vanity units are also good for modern bathrooms, but they tend to easily show buildup, such as toothpaste and minerals from water. Vanities made from PVC are usually inexpensive and easy to clean, but lightweight and not very unique.

The majority of vanity units come with one or two regular sinks that are recessed, which means that the bowl is buried into the material so that the top of the sink is flush with the countertop. Those looking for lots of storage space and countertop area often choose the vanity units with two recessed sinks, since these are usually larger than the kind with just one. On the other hand, some people prefer a unique look over lots of space, so they might choose a vanity with a vessel sink. This kind of sink is set on the countertop rather than being recessed, which usually provides a more customized look.


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