What are the Different Types of Vanity Sinks?

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Designer vanity sinks tend to take center stage in a bathroom, especially if they are carefully coordinated with the décor of the room. For a small size bathroom, a wall mount vanity sink may be used since they take up less floor space. In a larger bathroom, double vanity sinks tend to be popular, in ceramic, marble or glass materials. Sink styles vary, from blown glass vessel styles, which typically sit above the counter, to more traditional, sunken porcelain or marble sinks.

Vessel sinks tend to be a popular choice in just about any bathroom since they lend an upscale, artistic flair. These vanity sinks tend to be a focal point of the bathroom, using creative shapes, colors and materials. For instance, an oval vessel sink made of tempered glass featuring different shades of blue with a waterfall faucet may be a striking addition to any bath. Often these sinks have non-porous surfaces, which tend to be scratch and stain resistant, making them not only showpieces but a practical consideration as well.


For traditional bathrooms, ceramic sinks remain popular and are often combined with cabinet vanities featuring antique brass drawer handles and deeply stained wood. Marble in white, cream or tan is often standard for vanity sinks and tends to be top on the list for a bathroom remodel. For homeowners who prefer an under-mount sink, or one that does not sit on top of the vanity, marble is often the preferred choice to update the room.

In a larger master bathroom, double vanity sinks are often installed, with either vessel or under-mount sinks. This kind of sink does double duty since two people may brush their teeth or wash their faces at one time. These sinks offer the same choices as single vanities, with modern clear glass, frosted glass, porcelain or marble being popular choices. They can be round, rectangular, square, or just about any shape the designer wants.

A half bath may use a wall-mount vanity, as they tend to take up less room than traditional vanity sinks. Since they are mounted directly on the wall, they free up floor space and make room for under-the-sink storage. These vanity sinks are available in many of the same styles and colors as their counterparts, but they tend to have a more contemporary feel. There are some unusual mounted sinks, too, such as solid bamboo sinks or wall-mount washbasins for kids in the shape of soccer balls, complete with checkered soccer patterns.


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