What Are the Different Types of Valuation Jobs?

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There are different valuation jobs that various industries can fill. These professionals are often involved with identifying the worth of assets, including businesses, real estate, or line items on a balance sheet. Valuation jobs are prevalent in the investment community where the worth of financial securities can be assessed. Researchers and analysts who offer valuation services might deliver information that is useful in uncovering trends and opportunities in certain business activities.

Professionals who pursue valuation jobs might derive from a variety of education and industry backgrounds that are tied to finance. For the professional considering this field, earning an undergraduate degree in finance, accounting, or economics would prove useful. Many individuals in this field continue to obtain postgraduate degrees as well. Attaining any valuation jobs will likely require an ability to analyze data and involve the use of databases and spreadsheets.

Asset valuation is used throughout the financial services industry. Investment managers, chief financial officers, or other top positions in finance could all represent valuation jobs. The job functions tied to these positions may include assessing the value of an investment portfolio, such as a mutual fund. Money managers may use quantitative investment techniques that rely on past performance and trends surrounding financial securities to determine future asset valuation projections.


Analysts and senior associates might also be involved in the asset valuation process. The professionals in these valuation jobs might be expected to determine the worth of a business, for instance. If a company is up for sale, a proper valuation would help in the negotiation process with any bidders.

Additionally, if a corporation is seeking to make an acquisition, research associates and analysts might be called upon to assign a value to an asset, piece of property, or business. This might be especially valuable if a company is considering entering a new market where price valuations are foreign or the business is acquiring a company with a separate business model. The valuation process, which might also be referred to as business valuation, could also involve the evaluation of intellectual assets, including patents and logos.

Valuation analyst and research positions are additional options. These professionals might assess the merger and acquisition activity that is taking place among corporations. For instance, researchers might issue reports on a given industry or a segment of the market, such as small or mid-sized corporations. This research might indicate the best price that companies in these groupings might be worth over a period of time based on transaction history.


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