What Are the Different Types of Updos with Flowers?

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Updos with flowers are elegant and flirty hairstyles for all occasions ranging from day-to-day wear to a formal event like a wedding. Wearing a large flower tucked behind the ear is typically an option for a more casual or relaxed occasion. A similar option, but with a little more detail, is to stick the flower into the updo itself. Those wearing their hair half up can stick flowers all throughout the hair. For an especially elegant hairstyle, create a headband using flowers and crystals.

Placing a single large flower behind the ear is a beautiful touch for many hairstyles. Although many women wear a flower while the hair is down, updos with flowers look equally decorative. Orchids, stargazer lilies and hibiscus are three types of flowers that are large and bright enough to stand out on their own. One style that typically looks best with a large, single flower is a curly updo — put the hair into a ponytail, make large curls, then secure them with bobby pins. The flower can usually stay in place on its own, but secure it with a bobby pin at the stem just in case.


A similar version to using a single flower behind the ear is to stick the flower in the side of the updo itself, such as into the side of a bun. Another option is to put the hair into a ponytail, but while pulling it through the final time, only pull it through halfway so it creates a loop. Stick the flower into the side of the updo and secure it with a bobby pin. If bangs are part of the hairstyle, sweep them over to the side and put the flower on that side so they cover up the bobby pin and ends of the bangs. Some flowers to use are peonies, hydrangeas, and stargazer lilies.

Those who want to wear their hair half up have a few choices for updos with flowers; however, one of the easiest to do is to place flowers throughout the hair from top to bottom. The hairstyle won't work with straight hair and may not work with wavy hair depending on its texture, but it's ideal for curly hair as the flowers need to be able to stick in without bobby pins. Put the top half of the hair in a ponytail, then curl it and secure the curls with bobby pins. Some flowers to use are small daisies, mini roses, baby's breath, or Columbian windflowers.

Creating a headband is ideal for almost all updos with flowers whether the hair is straight, curly or wavy. Put the hair into a wide updo that sits at the crown of the head. Pin small flowers, such as mini roses or baby's breath, every inch or so in front of the updo, then pin them down. Place large crystal bobby pins in between them for a little sparkle.


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Post 3

@umbra21 - I've noticed in stores recently they have quite a few variations of big nylon flowers attached to a hair clip and I think if you just used one of them it would work even with short hair.

As for up-dos, if it's anything particularly complicated I would definitely recommend that people get a professional, or even just a friend with good hands and eye to do it rather than trying to do it themselves.

Post 2

@croydon - I also really like that look when someone with longer hair has braided it and stuck flowers through it, just by slipping the stems in and out of the hair.

I used to do it when I was a student and had time to go around picking flowers, but I don't even have the long hair for it now. And I guess it's not exactly a professional look.

I've also seen some gorgeous up-dos done with fake flowers clustered at the base of a pony-tail. I think it's actually fairly difficult to go wrong with this kind of look as long as it's for the right occasion. I'm not sure I would just wear it casually on the street, but there are plenty of people who can rock the look.

Post 1

If you just want to casually stick a flower behind your ear and the stem isn't long enough for it to stay, there's a trick you can do. Find a little twig, as thin as possible and insert it into the stem of the flower. This works particularly well on tropical flowers which often have woody stems.

I was taught how to do this by a friend when we were visiting Hawaii. It's kind of obvious once you hear about it, but it wasn't something that occurred to me until she showed me how to do it.

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