What are the Different Types of TV Remote Codes?

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TV remote codes are generally used in universal remotes that can control multiple devices from one location. These remotes can be purchased at department and electronic stores, or they may come with the installation of a cable or satellite box. To learn to use the proper TV remote codes, you will likely need the remote's manual.

If the manual that originally came with the remote control is no longer available, the TV remote codes needed may be found online. Each brand of television generally has its own codes. Some brands may not be available. If that is the case, the TV or remote manufacturer should be contacted for further instructions.

Each device will likely have a listing of several potential codes that may work. To find the correct TV remote codes for each individual device, a little trial and error is necessary. Start with the first code on the list, and keep going down until the right code is discovered.

To use TV remote codes, the first step is generally to press down a specific button while aimed at the device being programmed into the remote. Once the light at the top of the remote blinks (or remains solid, depending on the brand), the first potential code should be logged in. This will be followed by pressing the "power" button. If the device comes on, the correct code has been found. If not, start over with a different code.


After the right TV remote codes have been found for each device, another key will likely need to be held down to set the remote. This key will vary based on the brand and model. Once that is done, the remote should control each device individually when set to do so.

There are situations in which a remote may need to be reprogrammed. If the batteries are taken out and not replaced within thirty seconds to one minute, the codes will likely need to be looked up and set again. For that reason, changing batteries should be done as quickly as possible. The remote will also need to re-set if a new device is purchased, even if it is the same brand as the one previously set.

If the remote control becomes lost or stops working, a replacement remote can generally be needed. Even cable and satellite boxes can often be controlled by a store purchased universal remote. The cable or satellite box would be set in the same way as the television and other devices.


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I have an LG TV and there are so many codes for LG. Depending on which website you go on, the codes are always different. Why is this? I thought the codes were universal for each brand, or does each "universal" remote have its own set of codes for each brand?

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