What Are the Different Types of TV Gadgets?

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There are many different TV gadgets in the world, some of which are designed to make television sets more functional and some of which are simply for fun. Many TV gadgets are designed to work with the television to create a more pleasant experience and may include speakers, organizers, and other items of convenience. Games that connect directly to the TV can also be considered TV gadgets, as can any device that allows a person to view images on the TV from a camera. Gadgets can also make it possible for a person to turn any TV on or off or to change the channel.

Among TV gadgets designed to improve the experience of watching TV, some of the most popular are speakers designed specifically for home viewing experiences. These speakers can make the sound from a TV much better and may even change a person's perception of what he or she is seeing when the sound is all around the viewer. TV recording devices that can be programmed to record desirable shows are also excellent for making television more convenient. Similar devices may also limit the channels viewable on a TV, creating additional safety.


Games and other items that must connect to a TV in order to be viewed or played are also popular TV gadgets. These items work with a TV in order to provide the user with an experience not typically available on a television set alone. Simple games are extremely popular in this category of gadget, as are items that allow a person to work on his or her computer while using the TV as a screen.

In terms of TV gadgets that can be used outside the home, small portable televisions can be considered gadgets. Universal remotes can be used to turn off any TV, allowing the user to silence televisions in public. Using universal remotes in this way is somewhat controversial because turning off a TV a person does not own is considered highly rude and presumptuous.

Special TV viewing devices like projectors can also be considered TV gadgets, as these allow a person to watch TV without having a television. Conversely, a connector that allows a person to watch video from a computer or other source on a television screen can also be considered a gadget of this type. More recently, gadgets that allow the TV to be viewed in special ways have become popular. Gadgets that allow a person to watch a video in 3D at home can take a variety of forms, and there are also recorders that can create this type of video.


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Post 3

All of the TV gadgets are for men. They are made with men in mind because the manufacturers know that this is who is going to buy their products. Why do men need so many gadgets just to watch TV? Whenever I watch TV with my boyfriend he is more interested in showing me his new speakers, or his new remote control or his on screen computer than he is in watching the show we are there to watch.

Post 2

At the risk of dating myself, remember when there was no remote for the TV? The first TV I remember my family owning was a big floor model black and white with a radio attached on one side of the TV and a stereo on the other side. This was a big piece of furniture and our entire entertainment center.

There was no remote, so we had to get up and walk the entire eight to 10 feet to change the channels. Usually, I was the one doing the walking. How did I ever survive? I was so happy when the new remote control gadget came with our next TV, and it was a color set, but no radio and stereo.

Post 1

My kids will not agree, but I think the video games and the game controls are the worst TV gadgets ever created. I can see how they could have been seen as a way to keep kids occupied and out of their parents' hair for a little while, but somewhere along the way these "cool" gadgets got way out of control.

There is no such thing as self moderation when my son starts playing the games. If I would allow it, he would sit and play the games all day, stopping only for food and bathroom breaks. This is not an exaggeration. There are way too many TV video games, and so many of them are inappropriate for the age groups they are designed for.

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