What are the Different Types of Tungsten Engagement Rings?

Lakendra Scott

Although tungsten is more commonly used for male wedding rings, women have become increasingly interested in tungsten engagement rings, the options have increased. The three most common types of tungsten engagement rings are plain tungsten bands, tungsten bands with metal inlays and tungsten bands with stone and gem inlays.

A tungsten engagement ring.
A tungsten engagement ring.

Plain tungsten engagement rings are the most commonly purchased and can have a variety of designs. The design options for plain tungsten bands include grooves, bevels and engraved designs. Edges also can be rounded, squared or ridged, depending on preference. These options make the plain band more unique by adding patterns and accents. Plain tungsten engagement rings also are the most affordable tungsten option and are often more durable than rings inset with metals and stones.

Though tungsten is more commonly used for male wedding rings, women have become increasingly interested in tungsten engagement rings.
Though tungsten is more commonly used for male wedding rings, women have become increasingly interested in tungsten engagement rings.

Another common type of tungsten engagement ring has an inlay, or center band, that is a different metal. Platinum, silver or gold are often used for the inlay. Tungsten engagement rings that are inlaid with other metals create a vibrant contrast of color and are a unique alternative to the plain band.

Tungsten engagement rings with stone inlays also have become popular. These rings provide the buyer with the opportunity to add precious and semiprecious stones such as diamonds, emeralds and rubies to their tungsten band. The number of stones that can be inlaid into a tungsten band is up to the purchaser. Adding numerous stones will make the ring heavier, and tungsten is already a heavy metal. The benefit of stone inlays, however, is that they allow the ring to maintain the traditional engagement ring feel without sacrificing the added hypoallergenic and durability benefits of tungsten.

There also are various color and polish options available for tungsten engagement rings. The tungsten alloy can be manipulated, so rings can range in color from dark black to light silver, depending on preference. Tungsten also is one of the few metals that provide constant shine, and options that focus on preserving shine are available at most jewelers.

The popularity of tungsten engagement rings has risen as the benefits of the tungsten alloy have become more publicized. These benefits, which are a result of the tungsten alloy being a hypoallergenic metal and a scratch-proof metal, include increased durability of the jewelry, and they make the rings suitable for sensitive skin. Tungsten is a high-density metal that is difficult to shape, however, so t there are limited choices available for people who want tungsten engagement rings but also want rings that are unique.

Tungsten is a popular choice for men's wedding bands.
Tungsten is a popular choice for men's wedding bands.

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@Kristee – Sure! I've seen many photos of tungsten diamond rings. Some of them have the stones set on top like a regular ring, and others have the stones inlaid so that they lay flat with the band.

I looked at so many tungsten rings while searching for my perfect engagement ring. I wasn't particularly looking for a stone, but I did want to find a unique engagement ring.

I got one that was silver colored with a shell inlay. The shell is blue and has that iridescent look to it.

Most people don't even know that it is an engagement ring. My husband and I love the ocean, so for us, it was the perfect ring.


Is it possible to find pretty diamond engagement rings made of tungsten? I like the idea of a tungsten ring, but I've always wanted a diamond, too. I just don't think I could have the ring if it didn't have at least a small diamond in it.


I didn't want an engagement ring with settings, because the stones would get hung on things like gloves and sweaters. I wanted a ring that would lie flat against my finger.

I went ring shopping with my fiancee, because I wanted to have a say in the ring I would be wearing for the rest of my life. I found one that had one silver band and one blue band, and both stripes were beveled so that they looked like a gem with multiple facets.


Tungsten alone would not make good jewelry or engagement rings, because it would be so easily scratched. Once it is combined with other elements, it becomes really strong, though.

My fiancee convinced me to go with a tungsten ring after telling me that they also contain other elements that make them really resistant to scratching and any kind of damage. I am always using my hands at work, so I needed a ring that could stand up to friction.

I've been wearing my tungsten ring for three years now, and it doesn't have a scratch on it. I'm very happy with it.

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