What Are the Different Types of Tuba Accessories?

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Tuba accessories generally fall into three categories: accessories for maintenance, accessories for storage and accessories for playing. Maintenance accessories include items related to the upkeep of a tuba's mechanical parts and general corrosion protection. Storage accessories include items designed to protect the tuba when not in use and during transit. Accessories for playing the tuba are the most diverse and relate to the tubist's interaction with the horn and the sound of the tuba itself.

The most common maintenance accessories for tubas are valve and rotary oils. These tuba accessories are used to keep rotary valves and pistons working properly and to provide corrosion protection. Tuning-slide grease, which is much thicker, serves a similar purpose and is applied to the tuba's tuning slides.

Brass polish and nickel polish may be applied to the exterior of a tuba for corrosion protection and to enhance its appearance. To clean the inside of a tuba, long pipe brushes may be used. For advanced maintenance on rotary valves and pistons, a small tool kit may be necessary.


Storage accessories are used to protect the tuba during periods of inactivity and when the tuba is being transported. These tuba accessories are extremely important in preventing damage to the tuba. Hard cases are the most common accessories for storage. They offer the best protection and are often custom made for a specific type of tuba. Some models include wheels for easy transport. Tuba bags and backpacks also may be used for storage and, although they are not as robust, they are lighter and make personal transport easier.

Of all the different types of tuba accessories available, accessories related to playing the instrument itself are the most diverse. The accessory of greatest importance is the mouthpiece. Mouthpieces come in several varieties and each is associated with a different musical style. Related to the mouthpiece is the leadpipe, which is a small length of adjustable pipe that is added to the mouthpiece for marching tubas and sousaphones.

There are several types of tuba accessories available that address the difficulty in playing such a large instrument. Stands and straps can be used to address problems with correctly holding an upright concert tuba for long periods of time. Many sousaphone players use adjustable padding for the shoulder to alleviate muscle strain caused by the heavy instrument.

Aside from devices used to make the tubist more comfortable, there are many tuba accessories that fall into a miscellaneous category. Protective playing guards are often used to protect the tuba from dents or scratches during outdoor performances. Tuba mutes are used to reduce the volume of the tuba's sound and to change the characteristics of the sound itself. Music stands, although not exclusive to the tuba itself, are widely used accessories for brass bands.


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