What Are the Different Types of Travel Packages?

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The main types of travel packages can be categorized into adventure, romance, spa, business and attraction-based. All travel packages include some kind of transportation and accommodation, but some of these deals have other amenities included such as meals and activities. Cruise packages have everything included in one place as well as the opportunity to visit different ports of call. Business packages for travel, on the other hand, may include only breakfast and use of a conference room at a hotel. Each type of travel package is designed to save the traveler money as well as meet his or her specific needs.

For instance, adventure travel packages have to include all meals, as there are usually no options for participants to eat elsewhere since these are typically wilderness trips. Remote lodge accommodation as well as sleeping in tents for part of the trip may be components of an adventure travel package. Unlike other types of packaged travel, the transportation is often combined with the activities, such as whitewater rafting or elephant riding, depending on the particular part of the world.

Romance-based travel includes couple's packages for honeymoons and anniversaries. These types of packages usually have many extras, such as roses and chocolates plus a romantic dinner or a couple's massage, included in the price. Some hotels have bridal suites which are included as accommodation in the package price.


Spa travel is focused on health. The spa itself includes most of the amenities and activities guests are looking for, so the price on these types of travel packages is typically all inclusive. Meals, massages, skin treatments and activities are usually all included in spa travel package deals.

Business travelers are usually looking for value combined with efficiency. Packages for people on business trips usually offer accommodation near city centers and may include a rental car as well as a complimentary breakfast. Many business travel packages have hotel accommodation that includes access to a conference room. Extras may include daily newspaper delivery to the business traveler's room.

Attraction-based packages may be family-oriented, such as with a theme park vacation. The airfare, accommodation, airport shuttle, a rental car and theme park admission are usually all included in this type of family travel package. To best meet the needs of those traveling with children or in larger family groups, extra cots or specials such as "kids eat free" may be included in the price as well. Some family extras in these types of packages are complimentary breakfasts or activity packs for the children that may include coloring books, crayons and a few small toys.


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Post 3

@Mor - I don't know if taking these kinds of travel vacation packages really count as that kind of travel though. I've been on a couple and they tend to be very sanitized. In fact you might as well stay home in some cases, because they really don't let you do anything by yourself or discover anything off the beaten path.

I think they can be a good introduction to a new place, but I also think that people should think outside the box when they are traveling and try to experience the place from a local point of view. This is particularly true of cruise passengers. They can spend a month long vacation without ever stepping foot on foreign soil or tasting foreign food, but they would still claim to have visited the place. I just don't think it should count as real travel.

Post 2

@bythewell - It's a sad fact of life that teachers can't get discount travel packages very often because they usually go on holiday around the same time as the kids! My parents were both teachers and they almost always ended up paying more than their friends when they wanted to go on a trip.

Although with the internet these days it seems like almost everyone can find cheap options for traveling. I think it's a good thing for the world, for the most part, because people who travel tend to be more open minded and better informed.

Post 1

It is definitely worth shopping around to find cheap travel packages. The best places to look tend to be those ones that list packages that are getting rid of last minute places. I've found some amazing deals in places like that. It sometimes ends up cheaper going on one of these travel packages than staying home, just because food and everything is usually included.

You need to make sure you shop at the right times, though, because they tend to be more expensive around the school holidays.

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