What Are the Different Types of Travel Clothing?

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The different types of travel clothing available for men, women and children vary as to location and climate. Resort wear typically includes mainly casual, warm weather pieces that are fun and colorful. Skiing vacations call for a totally different type of travel clothes, as do adventure or trekking trips. There are also business and spa clothes for travel as well as cruise wear. Some types of travel clothing are designed for safety protection or with other safety precautions or versatility issues in mind.

For instance, some trekking or adventure travel clothes feature adjustable pants and jackets that zip off into shorter versions. Outdoor clothing for traveling may by treated with ultraviolet (UV) protection from the sun as well as mosquito and/or tick repellent to help prevent the risk of disease. Other types of travel clothing such as a long, flowing resort wear skirt may be reversible with a solid color on one side and a pattern on the other. Hidden compartments in shirts and pants are available in some travel wear to allow travelers to conceal cash. Especially if a purse or bag containing money is stolen, having some emergency funds hidden in clothing can be a great asset for travelers.


Cruise wear is a popular type of travel clothing. Since cruise ship dress codes can be confusing for many travelers, companies who sell these types of clothes can be helpful. For instance, some ships require semi-formal dress for dinners, but dressy casual for other times of the day. Cruise wear may be labeled as to its level of dressiness. In addition to day and evening clothes, cruise wear lines also typically include swimwear and bathing suit cover-ups.

Spa travel wear is usually breathable and made of natural fiber fabrics such as cotton. These clothes also tend to be very comfortable and easy to move in without restricting arm or leg movements or bending. Spa travel clothing may also include yoga or other exercise clothing. Typically, the pieces are designed to be layered such as with a lightweight workout jacket that can be worn with a sports half top or shell.

Ski clothing and other outdoor travel pieces designed for cold environments are also usually created to be layered. Long underwear, ski pants, cotton long-sleeved shirts and parka or nylon outerwear are available. Resort travel clothing is often sold in a line of pieces that may be mixed and matched in different combinations. For instance, a printed skirt and top set worn with a belt can look like a dress, yet each piece can also be paired with another item of clothing to create totally different looks during a resort stay.


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@Ana1234 - That doesn't really seem to work for me if I'm in a place for any amount of time, or if I'm visiting people. I always feel like I need to be prepared for a range of activities, so I don't just bring lightweight travel clothing. I also bring clothes for swimming and clothes for dancing and clothes for fine dining.

Maybe I'm a little bit more high maintenance but it would really ruin my trip if my friends wanted to go somewhere nice and I didn't have a good outfit for it. I'd rather just go prepared.

Post 2

@umbra21 - I love that kind of clothing because it doesn't really wrinkle and you don't have to wash it that often. Wrinkle free travel clothes are vital because the last thing you want to do in the morning is waste time with an iron. You can just pack a couple of full outfits that you match with a handful of other clothes and you're set for the day.

I try to pack as lightly as possible these days though to avoid having to check a bag at the airport. It saves a lot of time and often it costs extra now anyway.

I like being able to just jump off the plane with my backpack and not have to worry about lost bags or anything like that.

Post 1

If you can afford it, there are some excellent travel clothes on the market that are made out of merino wool and are usually preferred by people doing a lot outdoors. They tend to be fairly expensive though and they always seem to be very bland and sporty looking to my taste, so they might not be for everyone.

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