What Are the Different Types of Trainee Technician Jobs?

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Operating room technician, clinical lab technician, and pharmacy technician are all trainee technician jobs. Technician training allows new hires to learn how to perform tasks associated with technician positions under the direct supervision of experienced personnel. Some trainee technician jobs only require a high school diploma, while others can only be filled by individuals possessing special certifications. The amount of time spent in trainee technician positions varies based on the trainee job placement requirements. Trainee technician jobs facilitate career advancement by providing employees with the experience necessary for promotion to specialty or supervisory positions.

People working trainee technician jobs as operating room technicians assist surgeons and work under the direct supervision of registered nurses and surgical personnel. Operating room technicians arrange the operating room by hanging sterile drapes, arranging surgical instruments, and assembling surgical equipment. This technician career may also require individuals to prepare patients for surgery by shaving and disinfecting areas on the patient where the surgeon will make incisions. After prepping patients, operating room technicians escort them to the operating room and position them on the surgical table. These technicians also outfit the surgical team with sterile gowns and gloves.


Clinical lab technicians test bodily fluids and cells for a multitude of reasons. Such analysis is used to identify causes of illness such as bacteria and parasites. People working trainee technician jobs in this field also evaluate chemical compounds found in fluids to determine what medications or illicit drugs the sample provider may have consumed. Technicians also compare multiple blood samples to determine compatibility for drug transfusions.

Individuals working these trainee technician jobs are trained by more experienced laboratory personnel. Clinical lab technicians in trainee roles are taught how to prepare specimens for study. Technicians also learn how to use microscopes and cell counters. They are also educated in the use of automated equipment and other technology capable of conducting multiple tests at once. People in this position also learn how to analyze specimens and report findings to physicians in a concise and organized manner.

Pharmacy technicians aide pharmacists in the preparation of prescriptions and perform administrative services such as customer care and medication organization. People working these trainee technician jobs accept prescription requests from patients in writing or electronically. Then they verify that the prescription was issued by a doctor, that the dosing instructions are correct, and that the pharmacy has the medication in stock. Technicians then fill pill containers or medicine bottles with the appropriate amount of tablets or liquid. Finally, they label the prescription with the appropriate instructions and warnings before submitting it to a pharmacist for final review.


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