What Are the Different Types of Trainee Accounting Jobs?

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Recent accounting graduates or individuals interested in on-the-job training working in accounting can acquire trainee accounting jobs in public accounting, auditing, government accounting, and management accounting. Public accountants undertake many different tasks for businesses, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and private citizens. Management accountants are employed directly by corporations and analyze and record data related to the company’s finances. Government accountants are civil service employees who monitor the finances of government agencies or conduct audits of companies or people taxed by the government. Auditors are usually employed by companies or government departments and charged with the task of examining the organization’s accounting practices in order to detect misappropriation of funds, wasteful spending, or fraud.

Trainee accounting jobs as public accountants vary. Some firms focus on tax matters and provide counsel to businesses and individuals related to tax deductions and returns. Other firms specialize in developing budgets, handling payrolls, and implementing financial data processing systems on behalf of companies. Government entities also contact public accounting firms to act as independent auditors. Trainees working entry level public accounting positions typically learn about the standards and practices of the firm while simultaneously working with senior personnel to hone the skills necessary for career advancement within the company.


Individuals seeking trainee accounting jobs in management accounting work under the tutelage of experienced corporate accountants. Unlike public accountants, management accountants work exclusively for one corporation or private account. Trainees in this position are taught how to use the company’s financial data processing software. They also assist in the development of budgets, tax filings, financial reports, and cost management plans. Management accountants must adhere to the regulatory and legislative standards governing such activities, consequently, companies may also pay for any necessary certification courses or licensing tests required for accountants by the governing body of the region the business operates in.

The duties of government accountant trainees are similar to those of management accountants. Unlike management accountants, government accountants work in the public sector. Individuals working trainee accounting jobs in government are also educated about the rules and regulations of income reporting and taxation. However, government accountant trainees are expected to use this information to prevent government corruption and tax fraud. For example, a government accountant must ensure that all government revenues and expenses are properly recorded and not misappropriated by public officials for their own personal gain.

Auditing is another possible career path for people interested in working in accounting. Trainee accounting jobs in this field are available in both the public sector and private business sector. Auditor trainees use their accounting background to ensure that management or government accountants have properly recorded financial transactions according to the law. They are the last line of defense citizens and company shareholders have against fraud. Trainees working for businesses are also educated about company operations so that they can assist in conducting evaluations of the company’s financial health in order to identify areas where costs can be cut.


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