What Are the Different Types of Tourism Industry Jobs?

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There are a number of different tourism industry jobs, though many of them fall into one of a few basic categories. Some of these positions are involved in transportation and helping someone arrive at a destination, which can include jobs in planning and booking travel as well as those involved in the different travel industries. There are also a number of employment opportunities in hospitality and in the food industry. Some tourism industry jobs can include a combination of both travel and destination opportunities, such as positions on cruise ships.

Tourism industry jobs typically refer to positions in which a person works to assist others with travel plans. Some of the most common types of position in this industry are those involved in helping someone reach a destination. Travel agents and planners, for example, can help people determine where they want to go and figure out the best method for getting there.

There are also a number of tourism industry jobs available for people working in the various fields directly responsible for travel. Airlines often require flight attendants, pilots, and numerous support crewmembers to ensure flights are safe and enjoyable. Companies that operate buses often have drivers and ticket agents who perform similar functions on a different scale.


Other tourism industry jobs are available for people who might prefer to work at destinations that people often travel to for vacations. These positions can include work in the hospitality industry, which often involves hotels, resorts, and restaurants. A wide range of different jobs can be found at these locations, including management, support staff, and people specializing in guest services.

There are also a number of secondary tourism industry jobs for those interested in working at museums or national parks that are often destinations for tourists. Such careers may focus primarily on other types of work, however, such as research or wildlife preservation. Major tourist attractions may also create opportunities for secondary tourism industry jobs, such as small businesses that cater primarily to tourists. Such jobs can be difficult to maintain, however, especially in an area that has a major tourist season that only lasts a few months.

Some tourism industry jobs combine both the travel and the destination into a single form of vacation. People who work on cruise ships, for example, are often involved in both major aspects of this industry. These types of positions can include the actual sailors and crew responsible for operating the ship, as well as guest service staff and people working in the hospitality side of the industry.


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