What Are the Different Types of Tiller Equipment?

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Tiller equipment is used to turn over hard soil in preparation for planting. This process breaks up the soil to aerate it and to remove rocks, roots, or plants that may interfere with the planting process. Tiller equipment generally comes in two varieties: power tillers and accessories, and hand tillers and accessories. Power tillers run off motors and are generally more powerful and quicker than hand tillers, which feature no motors and must be worked by hand. Hand tillers may be fixed blade tillers or rotating blade tillers as well.

Motorized tiller equipment will include the tiller itself plus any accessories or attachments that can be used in conjunction with the tiller device. Motorized tillers usually feature gasoline-powered engines that spin an axle to which several tiller blades are mounted. These tiller blades are circular and will feature teeth or tines that will chop into the soil when the blades rotate at high speeds. These tillers are useful for larger jobs that need to be done quickly, or for heavier-duty jobs such as soil that has become overgrown with weeds. The size of the machine can vary according to the type of job the user needs to do.


Hand tiller equipment will include the metal tines or blades, the handle that is often made of wood or metal, and any other accessories used in conjunction with the tool. Some blades, for example, may feature rubberized grips that make the handle more comfortable and workable. The handle can be replaced with a straight, shovel-style handle with a T-shaped handle that makes twisting the tool much easier. Sometimes the tines of the tiller can be replaced as well; straight blade tines can be replaced with curved or angled tines that make twisting the soil and breaking it apart much easier.

Other tiller equipment may be more specialized. Some tiller attachments, for example, are designed exclusively for use with a tractor or ATV. If a tractor features a power take-off system (PTO), the tiller equipment may be designed for use with this system. This means the blades of the tiller may rotate because the PTO system is powering the drive shaft. Other tillers meant for tractors or ATVs feature fixed tines that simply drag behind the machine. These models may feature levers that raise or lower the tines as necessary, though some may need to be adjusted manually by the user who will need to dismount the vehicle in order to make such adjustments.


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