What Are the Different Types of Tiller Accessories?

Dan Cavallari

A tiller is a device used to turn the soil in a garden or other yard space. This tilling action helps eradicate weeds and aerate the soil in preparation for planting. Tiller accessories can be purchased to enhance the usability and convenience of the tiller machine, which can be hand-operated, motor-operated, or even operated using a tractor. Some common tiller accessories include maintenance items such as spark plugs, engine oil, nuts and bolts, and various wires. Other accessories may include replacement tiller tines or blades, tiller detanglers, kickstands, and more.

A farmer uses a tractor to till a field.
A farmer uses a tractor to till a field.

Various attachments exist for specific tilling purposes. Aerator wheels, for example, are tiller accessories used to help puncture deep holes into the soil, thereby allowing oxygen into that soil. This helps make the soil healthier for planting. Thatcher attachments may be used to help spread soil or remove rocks and weeds. An edger attachment can be used to cut straight lines into turf to create clean edges along paths, roads, sidewalks, or other demarcated areas. Other tiller accessories can be used to accomplish various cutting or tilling purposes when attached to the tiller motor.

Some tillers are capable of running attachments to perform tasks other than tilling.
Some tillers are capable of running attachments to perform tasks other than tilling.

Some garden tillers feature electric motors that must be plugged in using an extension cord. If this is the case, a long extension cord must be purchased; some include collection systems that prevent tangling, and others feature retraction systems that allow the user to wind the cord quickly and easily. The cord should be shielded and intended for outdoor use; such extension cords are usually weather resistant to a point and feature sheathing that will resist cuts or tears.

Debris collection systems may also be available for some tillers. Such tiller accessories may be as simple as durable bags that hang from the tiller handles so a user can pick up trash or debris for storage until it can be thrown away later. Kickstands can attach to the bottom of the tiller to allow a user to stop the tiller and leave it without the unit falling over, potentially causing damage to the tiller or surrounding objects.

Larger, industrial sized tillers may feature riding platforms so the user can stand on the unit without having to walk behind it. Other large units may attach to tractors or other large vehicles, so adapter kits may be purchased to ensure the tiller will work properly with the towing vehicle. Some tillers, for example, may feature a power take-off (PTO) attachment to be used in conjunction with a tractor's PTO system.

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