What are the Different Types of Throw Pillows?

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Throw pillows are an excellent final touch when decorating a living room, family room, bedroom, or even an outdoor living space. Throw pillows come in several different sizes, shapes, and textures and in nearly every color you can imagine. Selecting the right combination of throw pillows for your d├ęcor can vamp up a drab space and is an inexpensive way to add new life to a room.

Shopping for throw pillows is considerably easier than shopping for furniture, wall art, and other accent pieces. Pillows are less expensive and don't demand the commitment that more expensive household items do. In fact, with two or three carefully selected sets of throw pillows, you can easily change your space to fit your mood or the season.

Texture and color play an important role in pulling a decorated space together. When you add throw pillows to a room, make sure to choose colors that compliment the space rather than blend into it. Choose a color from the fabric on your sofa, bedding, or other focal piece that is not already overly used in the space. If the room is mostly neutral shades, simply choose your favorite color and use throw pillows in that color as an accent.


When considering texture, examine what is already in your space. Smooth fabrics and surfaces, such as a leather sofa, are best complimented by textured or woven fabrics, while a rattan love seat would be nicely complimented by a smooth, cotton blend fabric. Mixing two or three textures gives depth and personality to a room. The weight of the fabric can also achieve an impact on a room. Select throw pillows in heavyweight fabric and rich, warm colors for winter use, and switch to lighter-weight fabrics and cool, bright colors for summer.

You don't have to limit the use of throw pillows to a sitting surface or a bed. Larger throw pillows or floor pillows can soften up the corner of a playroom for quiet reading or provide more comfortable seating in a room with limited space for furniture. There is virtually no limit to the sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns of throw pillows, and when throw pillows are combined with a few small accessories like candles or dried flowers, the combination quickly gives a tired room a new lease on life.


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