What Are the Different Types of Telecom Industry Jobs?

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The telecommunications industry covers the different types of communication devices popular throughout the world, such as Internet communications, wireless cell phone service, land line telephone service, and video communication software and hardware. Telecom industry jobs exist at different levels in all these areas. For example, there are job opportunities for repair technicians who install and repair hardware and equipment, for sales managers who help to sell different types of communication devices and services, for engineers who help design and implement new devices, and for customer service agents who manage and assist customers.

Repair and installation technicians work in a variety of different telecommunication areas. The responsibilities of these types of telecom industry jobs include installing new hardware for residential and business customers, maintaining company owned hardware, such as telephone poles and fiber-optic lines, and making repairs to installed hardware as needed. For example, a repair technician for a land line phone company wires homes and businesses for telephone service and makes repairs to both interior and exterior equipment.

Many telecom industry jobs involve sales. A sales manager is responsible for selling products and services to both consumers and businesses. For example, a sales manager for a wireless service provider sells corporate cellphone plan packages, including phone lines, data and minute plans, and cellphone devices and accessories to different businesses. Sales managers also sell individual plans and devices to individual consumers.


Engineers can occupy several different roles within the telecommunications industry. Some engineers focus on product design. These engineers create new hardware that improves or replaces existing hardware within their industry, such as a new underground cable system that delivers faster Internet service to customers.

Other telecom industry jobs for engineers focus on planning. For example, an planning engineer may plan the layout for a new system created by design engineers. Within this role, the engineer will pick installation points and schedule installations for new hardware.

Several telecom industry jobs exist for customer service representatives. These jobs entail often involve working with sales agents to help sell new products and services to existing customers. Help desk opportunities are another variety of telecom industry job for customer service representatives. Representatives respond to incoming calls from existing and potential customers, helping resolve customer problems or complaints related to services and billing.


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