What Are the Different Types of Technical Recruiter Jobs?

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The different types of technical recruiter jobs available focus on recruiting candidates in specialized fields for particular industries. Technical recruiter training includes a qualification in human resources and experience working in a particular industry. Technical recruiter careers can be challenging, but often offer advancement opportunities for those who are able to find suitable, talented candidates for the positions they have available.

The most common technical recruiter jobs are in the field of information technology. Companies in the IT industry continuously search for talented software engineers, Enterprise system architects and support personnel. Qualified candidates are equally eager to find top-level positions, which often makes this career attractive for young human resources practitioners.

The engineering profession spans a vast number of industries, including manufacturing, construction and electronics. Those working technical recruiter jobs in the manufacturing industry often have background experience gained in a production facility such as a factory that produces car parts or heavy equipment. Many technical recruiters in electronics study sound engineering as a stepping-stone to film and television work, and this equips them to recruit candidates for the industry.


The responsibilities of those holding technical recruiter jobs in the manufacturing industry include screening and interviewing applicants for positions such as manufacturing engineers, process engineers, project engineers and production managers. To become a technical recruiter in this industry, candidates need a clear understanding of the requirements for engineering candidate, the nature of the work and the demands of engineering. They also need to be familiar with the various qualifications available for engineers, and the certification requirements for membership of professional associations.

Technical recruiters in the logistics and transportation industry recruit candidates for positions such as logistics manager, vehicle maintenance engineer and supply chain specialist. This work requires expert knowledge of the supply chain industry. A good way to qualify for technical recruiter jobs in this field is to start out with an entry-level human resources job in a supply chain company.

Requirements listed in the posting for technical recruiter jobs at one of the world’s leading food companies include the development of pools of experienced, talented candidates. The recruiter also partners with external hiring companies to compile corporate resource strategies, prequalify candidates and facilitate the formal interview process with line management. The recruiter tracks the employment process and conducts reference checks, and often has final responsibility for making the company’s offer to the successful candidate.

Private recruitment firms offer senior technical recruiter jobs through handling the recruitment for independent clients. Employed as consultants, the recruiters all have specific expertise. Employees can advance in these types of companies to fill executive technical recruiter jobs, in which they recruit senior and executive technical management.


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