What Are the Different Types of Technical Degree Programs?

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Technical degrees are degrees designed for people that want to work with technology. The types of technical degree programs available include degrees in programming, database administration, network management and technical hardware management. These degrees are available at many universities and technical schools around the world.

Many colleges offer online classes for technical degree programs. This is a good option for people who work. These classes are often taught at night, or are pre-recorded so the student can access them at his convenience, which fits nicely with a normal work schedule.

One common type of technical degree program caters to those seeking a networking degree. This curriculum provides the classes needed to become a qualified network manager. It is designed for people that want to work with computer networks and telecommunication systems. Network administrators also often have a networking degree.

A systems engineer is a person that manages computer hardware and operating systems for a company. There are several technical degree programs designed for system engineers, which typically include an information systems degree and many graduate level degrees specifically for engineers.

Technical project managers are people that manage IT projects for an organization. A project management degree is a technical degree that teaches a person how to be a project manager. This curriculum provides the necessary skills to manage large technical teams and the resources needed to build computer systems.


Many technical schools also offer degrees in computer programming and web design. These classes provide students with the skills needed to be IT programmers. Technical degree programs for computer programmers typically include mobile development, web development, game programming and basic computer programming degrees.

Information systems security is a type of technical degree that teaches a person how to manage the security for computer systems. This type of job is in high demand because computer systems have become more vulnerable with the advancements of wireless networks. A degree in systems security is good job for a person that likes forensics and detective work.

There are also technical degrees for those who are interested in gaming, including degrees in three-dimensional game design and in digital media arts. Three-dimensional game design is a type of job that requires specific computer programming skills. Many schools offer technical degree programs for 3D gaming. This curriculum provides students with hands-on training that teaches him how to design and build three dimensional computer games.

A digital media arts degree is a type of technical degree that teaches a person how to use computer graphics for computer games and movies. This is a specialized degree designed for people that want to work with different types of computer media. Digital media arts degrees are specifically designed for students that want to work with computer gaming, movies and online news media formats.


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