What are the Different Types of Technical Architect Jobs?

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The role of the technical architecture has become more important over the years. The person in this job develops enterprise software for businesses. Technical architect jobs typically include business architects and systems architects. In each role, positions in a business are based on seniority within that specialty, including managers, senior managers, and basic architects.

Architects have played a vital role in the designing of buildings and structural planning for many centuries. Technical architects follow the same strategies as structural architects. The primary goal of a technical architect is to design a software application that can withstand the test of time, with limited need for major structural re-engineering.

The technical architect is responsible for building three primary types of architecture within an enterprise. These areas are application architecture, system architecture, and enterprise architecture. Each area of architecture is building a complete vision of how applications should function within a business. The technical architect jobs are based around providing guidance for these areas of software design.

The business architect interprets business requirements into technical solutions. This architect has the responsibility of communicating and translating technical information into terms that can be understood by business professionals. The role of the business architect within software development is one of the technical architect jobs. These business requirements feed into the application architecture.


Application architecture is the blueprint of an individual software application. The application architect must ensure a cohesive strategy and design that matches the system architecture within an organization. This is one of the technical architect jobs within a company. The architect’s key responsibility is to ensure the individual application fits into the overall standards and strategies the enterprise.

Technical architecture jobs include the role of system architect specialists. System architecture is the structural layout of hardware, software and network configurations in a company. This system architecture design is considered the core system platform of an organization. This system architecture typically supports multiple applications within the enterprise.

Education and experience are one of the fundamental requirements for technical architect jobs. These individuals are responsible for the strategic design and software configuration of an enterprise. This type of work is typically learned through many years of experience. Enterprise architecture cannot be learned form school or training classes. It requires hands-on experience with real-world situations.


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