What are the Different Types of Sustainable Technologies?

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Given the changes in the world, it is likely that some of the ways that people live will have to change. One reason for this is because some of the resources that are currently used are limited. Another reason is because some of the methods of providing necessities will not be sufficient for larger populations. Sustainable technology involves people finding lifestyle solutions that are suitable for the present and for future generations. Just a few of the many sustainable technologies are biofuels, solar energy, and electric vehicles.

Biofuel technology involves making fuel from agricultural products such as corn, rapeseed, and sugar cane. The development of biofuels is an initiative to provide an alternative to fossil fuels, such as oil and gas, which are believed to be limited. Although many countries are engaged in this sort of production, there are many dissenting voices claiming that biofuels are not sustainable. One reason is because producing them can require vast amounts of land.

The pursuit to wean people off of fossil fuels also drives efforts to develop electric powered vehicles. This technology typically aims to make vehicles that can be recharged instead of people needing constant refills of gas and diesel. Electric powered vehicles are also regarded as a benefit to the environment because it is believed that they will produce less pollution.


Sustainable technologies that involve producing power from the sun are called solar technologies. People tend to the view the sun as reliable and unlimited. Solar energy is produced and used to power a number of items. Solar panels are placed on houses to heat them and provide electricity. They are also used to produce power to operate some small appliances.

Wind power and hydro power are also sustainable technologies that involve using natural elements to produce electricity. With wind power, electricity is generally produced by turbines on wind farms. With hydro power, the force of water is exploited and usually distributed through a power grid.

There are various types of sustainable technologies that involve recycling. These initiatives are regarded as important because of the growing number of people on Earth and their consumption habits. Many of the products that people use take generations to disintegrate on their own. There are fears that people will become overcrowded by waste.

Sustainable technologies that focus on recycling are also undertaken because of resource limits. Even if resources are renewable, if people consume them too fast, they cannot be replenished. If resources are not renewable and they are carelessly used, people will find themselves inconvenienced if they have not developed alternatives. Recycling allows people to eliminate their waste in a manner that helps to preserve other resources while providing the things they need.


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Post 3

I don't know why we (as in everyone in the world) are not using more sustainable technologies. There are so many options and the investment required for most of these technologies are not much.

I just came to know that some countries produce electricity from natural gas. Naturally, electricity is very expensive in these countries. This makes no sense whatsoever. Why not use wind power to make electricity?

In the US also, we always use electricity for hot water. But most of us live in places that get plenty of sunlight, even in winter. So why are we not using solar energy?

My grandparents have a house in Maryland and they have solar panels on their roof

. They have hot water, even in winter and it's heated by the sun and nothing else. Of course one has to adjust a little bit. You have to take a shower when the sun is still out for example, but that's not a big deal. Our government even gives tax cuts for people who purchase sustainable energy materials and technologies for their home as of 2013.
Post 2

@ZipLine-- I'm glad you asked this question. Those two terms really do sound the same but they are different. So we should not use them interchangeably.

You've already read this article right? So you know what sustainable technologies are. Sustainable technologies refer to sustainable energy technologies. So these are technologies that help develop sustainable forms of energy that we can use like solar energy and wind energy.

Sustaining technologies or sustaining innovations are completely different. These are new technological innovations that do not disrupt the current system. These innovations improve technologies that already exist. For example making a cell phone that's better than what's in the market is a sustaining technology. Because it is not a new innovation and it is not creating a new market. Sustaining technologies is in relation to the economy.

Post 1

What is the difference between sustainable technologies and sustaining technologies? I thought that they were the same but apparently they are not.

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