What are the Different Types of Sustainable Program?

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The increasing focus on sustainability has led to a growing number of programs in a wide range of industries such as agriculture, energy, and construction. A single sustainable program may have many focuses or the program may be designed to concentrate on a specific aspect of a broad goal. Although the term “program” may appear to suggest one course of action, a sustainable initiative can actually involve education, funding, or encourage a change of methods.

A sustainable program that focuses on agriculture can achieve a number of positive goals. First, it should encourage growing practices that preserve both land and water. Second, by eliminating harmful growing practices, foods can be made safer for human and animal consumption. Third, sustainable agriculture programs tend to focus heavily on helping smaller farmers run profitable businesses and generating community support for local and domestic products. Many programs related to sustainable agriculture focus on teaching new methods to seasoned farmers and providing funds for those who are willing to implement them.


Sustainability often focuses on construction. A sustainable program that one may find in the building industry may address a problem such as the health implications of erecting structures with certain materials or in a certain area. The manner in which a building is maintained or renovated may be considered in a sustainable building program. Goals may be achieved by offering grants for building more environmentally friendly structures or renovating them according to such standards. Other programs may offer rebates for purchasing certain types of building materials or may allow builders to erect larger structures if they meet certain criteria.

A sustainable program in the energy sector is often focused on developing fuels from sources that are not limited and by means that will not make one nation reliant upon another. Sustainable energy also tends to focus on developing and helping users convert to sources that do not damage the environment. Programs in this category may also involve the issuing of grants, which can be for either new technology or the implementation of better methods. Other sustainable energy initiatives include tax breaks and financial incentives for both individuals and businesses.

There are even programs to make health care sustainable. These may focus on ways to prevent or eliminate diseases instead of finding better ways to manage them. Sustainable health care may focus on the treatment technology that is currently employed and look for ways to produce similar results with less impact on the environment or on human health. Programs in this category may include research and development grants and training in alternative methods.


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