What are the Different Types of Surveillance Technology?

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Advancements to audio and video recording equipment have brought about a number of fairly impressive new innovations in surveillance technology. These types of devices include everything from concealed video recorders that can be accessed through the Internet to audio recorders that can fit in a person’s hand or call a user’s telephone. Surveillance technology covers a wide range of devices and applications; they can be used indoors or outside and can be stationary pieces of equipment or portable devices for a variety of locations.

A piece of surveillance technology is a device intended to allow the recording or transmission of video or audio information, often for purposes of home or business security. These types of equipment are used by private individuals, businesses, and even governments for security and to ensure that employees or family members are not doing anything illegal or unapproved. They often include hidden devices for recording audio and video, and these forms of surveillance technology can be very expensive and come with a wide array of features.


External surveillance technology often takes the form of small or hidden cameras used to monitor certain areas of property. These devices often use digital video recording (DVR) to capture video images and allow easier transmission, storage, and portability. Small cameras may be placed outside or concealed within objects such as lamps, posts, or even satellite dishes and are often motion activated to begin recording when motion is detected. While these devices are popular, indoor security systems have become increasingly useful for people with employees working in the home, especially with children.

Often referred to as “nanny cams,” this sort of surveillance technology often takes the form of concealed cameras to monitor the activities of people within a home or business. These can be premade concealed cameras in a number of different objects, from teddy bears and flower arrangements to electric shavers and portable music player docking stations. Many of these devices use DVR to capture video images and transmit them to a receiver or store them for play through a computer or television. Some surveillance technology even allows the images recorded by a security device to be accessed remotely through the Internet, or to contact the user at a programmed telephone number to indicate activation.

There are also a number of different devices that can be easily carried or moved from place to place. This type of surveillance technology is sometimes referred to as “spy cameras” or “spy equipment,” and they are intended for functional use and versatility. They can include microphones and cameras concealed within pens, keychains, purses, sunglasses, and just about anything else imaginable.


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Here is what is funny about surveillance technology when it comes to building security -- there are times when just a sign stating a building is being watched will be enough to scare off burglars.

That strategy is based on the notion that thieves look for the softest target. If two cars are parked side by side and only one of them has locked doors, guess which one is most likely to be broken into by a thief? The same holds true for building security -- if there are two houses and one is displaying a sign warning people about surveillance while the other one isn't, a thief will likely hit the one that displays no warning.

Of course, using the "buy a sign" strategy is a bit of a bluff. If a thief calls that bluff, the homeowner will wish he would have put in a security system.

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