What Are the Different Types of Surveillance Camera Systems?

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Surveillance camera systems can be used to monitor both business and residential properties. Most people use these types of systems to deter burglars or shoplifters as the unlawful acts can be recorded. In many countries, the videos recorded by these types of systems can be used as evidence to prosecute offenders in a court of law. There are many different types of camera systems, but three of the most commonly utilized types are wired, wireless, and mini-wireless systems.

Wired surveillance camera systems usually consist of cables, motion detectors, cameras, and sometimes window sensors. In order to conceal the cables or wires, most people hide them within walls or behind baseboards. If the system is used outside, many times, the wires and cables will be run under landscaping or along the exterior of a building or home. The most advantageous aspect about wired surveillance camera systems is they are not at risk to any type of interference unless damage occurs to the wires, cables, or the actual cameras. If burglars try to disable a wired system by cutting cables or wires, the alert systems automatically activate and an alarm sounds.


Many business and residential properties choose to install wireless surveillance camera systems because of their versatility and flexibility. Wireless systems are very easy to set up because no wires or cables have to be installed and the wireless cameras can be placed in a wide range of places. There are, however, some drawbacks associated with wireless systems. They have to be placed within a certain distance of the system’s radio transmitter and RF interference can sometimes occur.

Any time a business or residential property owner wants a camera system that cannot easily be seen by the human eye, a mini-wireless system is the best type to install. These types of camera systems vary in size, but can be as little as the size of a medium-sized button. While some of these types of systems run off of electricity, most use a nine-volt battery as a power source. Any time a person installs a mini wireless camera, it is important to provide it with a power transformer, as this helps it to continually stay activated. Most times, mini surveillance camera systems are activated by motion sensors, which allow them to conserve energy.


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