What Are the Different Types of Sunflower Decor?

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Sunflower decor imparts a cheerful, welcoming atmosphere with a touch of farm-life nostalgia. There are many different kinds of sunflower decor that can help light up a room or add a cheery touch to a garden space. Some of the most popular types of sunflower decor include soft furnishings, artwork, kitchenware, and outdoor displays.

For a subtle look, adding sunflowers through soft furnishings can be a good way to incorporate the theme without going overboard. Navy blue, sage green, or bright white curtains with embroidered sunflowers are one popular way to bring a little bit of the garden indoors. A throw blanket with a sunflower pattern can also be an excellent idea, as it can easily be packed up and replaced when desired. Some upholstery fabrics include a sunflower design, both in traditional yellow shades and in more harvest-oriented russet and crimson. For a whimsical detail, look for throw pillows shaped like sunflowers to add to a couch or comfortable chair.

Adding sunflower decor through artwork can provide a vivid centerpiece to a room. Sunflowers are often used in still-life painting; hanging a still-life of sunflowers in a vase can provide a floral arrangement that won't have to be replaced every week. Photographs or landscape paintings of sunflower fields and farms can help enhance country decor. Statuary, sculpture, and decorative pieces such as a sunflower-shaped clock can also augment a sunflower scene in an artistic manner.


A country kitchen can greatly benefit from the use of sunflower decor. The variety of sunflower-laden dishware, crockery, and glassware is quite extensive, and can be a joy to hunt down. Consider an old-fashioned, homey set of a cream, sugar, and honey bowl festooned with cheery yellow flowers. Or, take a country classic highbrow with sunflower-etched wine glasses. For the budding artists, consider visiting a paint-your-own ceramics shop and creating a custom sunflower design for kitchenware and dishes.

There are an abundance of ways to bring sunflower decor into the garden. Gardening stakes, wind chimes, and even watering cans are all available with this popular motif. A sunflower sundial or outdoor thermometer can also serve as a practical addition to any garden. For those with yard space, consider planting the real thing: sunflowers are fairly easy to grow in warm climates, and can provide a beautiful display, and delicious seeds, all summer long. Sunflower seeds for planting are usually available in early spring; for those with less room, consider looking for miniature sunflower varieties, which require far less space.


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Post 4

I like to paint and draw, and some of my most popular drawings have been of sunflowers. Those are the ones that people like to put up in their houses.

I did a drawing in chalk pastels of a big sunflower blossom on a huge green stem with one leaf. I took the time to detail each petal with shading and highlights, and I detailed the center, also.

It has a blue background, and I framed it in a chocolate brown mat. So many of my friends wanted it that I had to draw several of them. I guess sunflower décor is pretty popular.

Post 3

My friend collects sunflower items, so I'm always on the lookout for them when I go to antique stores or home décor centers. I have found the most sunflower items at antique stores, though.

I once bought her a set of coffee cups with sunflower blooms painted on them. I also found a set of clear tumblers covered in sunflowers a little later.

I buy things like this and save them for her birthday and Christmas. Last year, I gave her a set of dish and hand towels embroidered with sunflowers. I plan to give her a set of sunflower plates for her next birthday.

Post 2

@seag47 – Believe it or not, I understand your dislike of full-size sunflowers. I plant several miniature varieties in my garden, and these are the only kind I will ever need.

One variety has orange petals with yellow tips. The centers are dark red with flecks of yellow. They have the same basic structure as sunflowers, but they only grow two inches wide and about twelve inches tall.

The miniature varieties are all short, and they grow in clumps. The green leaves and stems originate from the same roots, and one plant will produce dozens of flowers.

These cheery flowers really add sunshine to my garden on a dreary day. I think they make my front yard look friendly and inviting.

Post 1

Actual sunflower plants intimidate me, because they are so tall and large. I do love sunflower décor, though, so I decided to get some fake sunflowers for my garden.

I found a cool whirligig in a sunflower design. The brown center is stationary, while the bright yellow petals rotate when the wind blows.

I also found a solar garden stake in the shape of a sunflower. The petals are clear, but at night, a yellow LED light illuminates them.

I also found a couple of stone sunflower sculptures. They are fat and low to the ground, and they feature a rounded green base with a three-dimensional sunflower on top.

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