What Are the Different Types of Sugar Free Jams?

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Sugar free jams can be a good idea for people who are diabetic or watching their weight. Some may contain artificial sugar substitutes, such as sucralose or Aspartame®. Others may have natural substitutes, such as sugar alcohols, corn syrup, or the stevia herb. Pectin can also be used. Jams made without sugar could be derived from a number of different fruits, including apple, peach, blackberry, and strawberry.

Many people like to use artificial sweeteners to make sugar free jams. Two of the most common sweeteners used are sucralose and Aspartame® because they are commonly found in many supermarkets. These products may be somewhat sweeter than granulated sugar, so people who use them to make homemade jelly should use less of these ingredients than if they were adding sugar.

Sugar alcohols are thought to be safer than artificial sweeteners. Xylitol, a natural substitute found in many types of fruits, is often used for this reason. Since xylitol and other sugar alcohols are not typically available to individual consumers, jam with this sugar substitute is normally produced commercially rather than being homemade.

In addition to sugar alcohol, jams can be made with a variety of other natural products. Corn syrup or honey may sometimes be used in place of sugar. The extract from stevia, an herb found in South America, can also be used to make sugar free jams in many countries.


Pectin is often used to make homemade jams and jellies. People who would like to make sugar free jam at home may want to consider buying a no-sugar type of pectin to use when doing so. This product typically looks much like pectin that is used with sugar, and results in a similar tasting product as well.

Many times, sugar free jam is made by cooking fruit until it is thick and then adding a gelling agent to it before placing in a jar. This is typically done when jam is being made from very sweet fruit that does not need any additional sweetener. Peach, blackberry, and blueberry are popular fruits to make this type of preserve.

Virtually any type of fruit can be used to make sugar free jams regardless of whether other sweeteners are added to the recipe. Strawberry, apple, and grape are commonly used to make this food. People who have strict dietary needs can enjoy a sugar free breakfast that includes one of these preserves, no matter what type of jelly they prefer.


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