What Are the Different Types of Sugar-Free Desserts?

Brandon May

On a sugar-free diet, it can be hard to find satisfying sugar-free desserts that will help alleviate the feeling of being overly restricted. Many sugar-free desserts, however, don't have to leave a dieter feeling deprived or unsatisfied. Some, like puddings, JELL-O®, and cakes may also contain lower calories, helping a dieter lose weight more quickly. Many desserts, like cookies, pies and cakes, can be made sugar-free at home quite easily without compromising the taste of a favorite dessert recipe thanks to sugar substitutes.

Gelatin-based desserts are often available in sugar-free varieties.
Gelatin-based desserts are often available in sugar-free varieties.

Store-bought sugar-free desserts are often very easy to find in a store, and can be incorporated into virtually any diet plan. Pudding and gelatin mixes are the most common sugar-free desserts available, and most can be made by simply adding one or two extra ingredients. Already made cookies and snack cakes are also available at most stores, as well as candy and ice cream, all made with sugar substitutes that won't raise blood sugar. Many people cannot tell the difference between sugar-free sweets and their sugar laden counterparts, although some people insist that there is a big difference.

Some alcoholic drinks can be made with sugar free mixers for a low calorie sweet drink.
Some alcoholic drinks can be made with sugar free mixers for a low calorie sweet drink.

Sugar-free desserts can be made at home by replacing the sugar called for in a recipe with a favorite sugar substitute. Usually, the sugar can be replaced on a one-to-one basis if the substitute has been specifically made for baking and will contribute bulk to the recipe like regular sugar. If the sugar substitute is in packets or liquid form, there are usually instructions by the manufacturer on how much sugar substitute should be used for different amounts of sugar in recipes. There are many sugar-free cookbooks that contain recipes which already have the conversion listed in the printed recipe itself, making it easier for the cook.

Before purchasing a sugar-free product, it is important for a consumer to quickly investigate the ingredient list to see what is replacing the actual sugar. Sometimes manufacturers add extra fat in sugar-free desserts to make it more palatable. There are times, however, when some sugar-free products will use only natural ingredients, including natural sugar substitutes, without adding extra fat or calories. In fact, since sugar is not in the food at all, it might lower the calories since the carbohydrates in sugar often contribute a high number of calories to most sugar-containing products.

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@Iluviaporos - That's not necessarily true. I know quite a few people who chose to give up sweets and ended up with much less of a sweet tooth. I think that sweet tasting foods are mildly addictive and the less you have them the less you end up wanting them.


@MrsPramm - People just need to learn a few facts about nutrition, that's all. You can have delicious desserts that taste sweet and are filling without necessarily using sugar or flour in making them. Plenty of vegan raw desserts, for example, will be made with dates or bananas or ground almonds.

The reason sugar (and flour for that matter) isn't that great for you is that it causes a surge in your blood sugar. If you learn which foods are likely to do this and which aren't, you can learn which ones to avoid and which ones to eat in moderation.

If you try to cut out desserts altogether, you'll just end up caving into eating them again within a few days.


I'm all for people trying to reduce their sugar intake but do remember that white flour can be even worse for you than sugar is and most desserts that don't contain sugar will have something else in there that could possibly raise your blood sugar levels.

If you can stick to something more natural, like fruit or nuts or even cheese, that's going to be healthier for you in the long run.

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