What Are the Different Types of Strategic Leadership Programs?

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Many strategic leadership programs provide high-level training for senior management professionals who head a single department or an entire organization. Different types of strategic leadership programs may include a specialized degree or certification training to hone various leadership skills. A specialized undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate degree program usually teaches strategic organizational leadership techniques such as decision-making and implementing plans. Generally, strategic leadership programs that offer certificate training also teach organizational and business strategies, but for people who already have an academic degree.

The focus of most strategic leadership programs target key areas affecting business strategies and success. Depending on the area, a person enrolled in a program could learn how each area relates to leading the organization. These areas may include processes in leadership such as strategic planning, managing conflict, and staff development.

Generally, there are several types of strategic leadership programs available for business professionals. Some academic degree programs exist to provide a foundation in organizational leadership strategies. Other programs offer advanced training and certificate programs for individuals with formal degrees.

Based on the curriculum and specialized focus, the length of strategic leadership programs can vary. The duration for academic degrees often follows the normal schedule for obtaining a degree, lasting possibly two or four years. Certificate training programs could last for six weeks or six months.


The instructional format for programs in strategic leadership could also vary. Degree or certificate programs are often offered online or at a traditional brick-and-mortar campus. Online certificate courses are usually available for working professionals whose schedule does not permit attending on-campus training. Alternately, some educational facilities offer on-campus instruction to accommodate the schedules of working professionals. In addition, some may provide a hybrid instruction model that includes learning online and in the classroom.

With strategic leadership degree programs, different options may exist for the curriculum structure. For example, the program could have the option of general business curricula with a specialized strategic leadership focus. Alternately, the degree program could have a curriculum solely focused on strategic leadership.

Academic degree programs for strategic leadership may consist of several different levels of education. Undergraduate degrees may provide the academic foundation for leading a department or organization. Graduate degrees could provide the next level of academic training for those seeking a career path in a senior leadership role. Completing a postgraduate degree program in strategic leadership may provide an opportunity to learn more in-depth theoretical strategies.

Usually, certificate training programs are designed as professional development programs for individuals who lead an organization, department, or team. In this type of strategic leadership program, individuals can learn how to motivate and coach employees, for example. By enrolling in certificate training, an individual could also learn how to shape strategies according to organizational culture.


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