What are the Different Types of Stove Backsplash?

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A stove backsplash usually prevents wall damage caused by heat, cooking oils and moisture. They can be made using a variety of products, but it is important that a stove backsplash be durable and easy to clean. Backsplashes are often made of stainless steel, tin, or tile. More expensive materials include granite and marble.

Stone can be a very good choice for use as a stove backsplash; however, because some types of stone have porous surfaces, the surfaces often must be treated with sealants. Raw stone sometimes absorbs oil, which can make cleaning difficult and time consuming. Polished stone, such as some marbles and granites, may not require additional sealing, because the process of polishing usually establishes a non-porous, easy-to-clean surface.

There are a few drawbacks to using stone for a stove backsplash. Stone is usually more expensive to both purchase and install. In addition, the stone may have to be cut to fit, which will add to the price. It is usually very difficult to repair cracked stone, so damage to a stone backsplash would generally require a complete replacement.


Many homeowners find that ceramic tile can make an attractive and functional stove backsplash. Ceramic tile can be purchased in many different sizes, textures, and colors. These tiles are sometimes available with painted designs that help create a focal point to an otherwise bland area of the kitchen. Ceramic tile is usually very easy to clean, and cracked tiles can be replaced individually without having to reinstall the entire backsplash. If using ceramic tile, it is a good idea to buy extra tiles in the event repairs become necessary.

Tin tiles are often used as backsplashes, and are often well-suited to kitchens with rustic or Victorian themes. The tiles are often embossed with designs and patterns, and are fairly easy to install. Tin tiles are usually treated with sealants that make them easier to clean. The tiles are available in various sizes and colors, and can be purchased pre-assembled and ready to install.

Copper is another popular material often used in creating a stove backsplash. Copper can be installed flat, as plating, but also comes in embossed tiles, similar to those made with tin. Copper is usually more expensive than stainless steel or tin, but the benefits may be worth the added cost. Copper can be finished so that it keeps its bright shiny color, but some homeowners prefer unfinished copper because it will eventually oxidize with age. Oxidized copper often turns a mottled grayish green, and is usually complementary to rustic decors.


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