What are the Different Types of Storage Containers?

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So many types of storage containers exist that it would be difficult to list them all. There are even full retail stores devoted to selling a variety of storage container types and home organizational options. However, it is possible to break down these options into where they might be needed in the home.

Kitchen storage ideas come in many shapes and sizes. Fantastic containers are often designed to hold bulk food purchases or leftovers. Commonly, container materials are plastic, but they made of glass or non-reactive metals too. In the varied sizes available, people may be able to keep foods like flour, coffee, cereal, or other things fresh, and containers usually have lids that seal tight or even have a vacuum seal, which can help in this respect. For temporary holding of food there are now inexpensive containers that can be purchased in multi-packs at grocery stores. More durable containers are available at many kitchen supply stores or department stores with large kitchen departments; don’t forget things like a Tupperware® party as source for kitchen storage options.


Bedroom storage containers may be ideal. Sealed plastic ones could fit under beds and contain winter clothing like wool sweaters that can be subject to deterioration from moths. A variety of open bins, made in plastic, wicker, wood, or very sturdy cardboard, can hold clothing or shoes, memorabilia, knickknacks, or other things that people need to keep safe and organized. People can purchase storage sets that fit neatly into closets or into closet organizing shelves, or they can simply find a good plastic bin or a lovely piece of furniture like a cedar chest. Again, the options are numerous.

Kid’s room storage containers are another variation on the storage theme and a great way to keep toys and games organized. Stackable bins or plastic stacked drawers exist, and sturdier wooden toy chests become excellent places for holding games or stuffed animals. There are shelving units that will hold a variety of different sized storage containers, which can be great since they can hold toys of varying sizes, or alternately, a large plastic bin can be placed in a child’s closet to store all toys.

Garage storage is also important for many people, and lots of choices exist. Typically plastic or metal containers are preferred for garage storage since things in the garage may be frequently exposed to outside weather. Available containers include those used to hold things like tools, and also any plastic sealable bins that might be purchased for any other room in the house. There are great choices for holding things that are not used year-round, such as Christmas ornaments.

With so many potential options in storage containers, perhaps the best thing to do is start looking at them to determine what will most fit storage needs. Many containers aren’t really restricted to one room, and can be used in any part of the home. With the imaginative ways manufacturers have addressed storage, it’s really not hard to find a good means for storing something safely. Online searches can be useful too, but purchasing large storage containers online could be pricey because of shipping costs.


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