What are the Different Types of Storage Boxes?

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There are different types, shapes, and sizes of storage boxes available to accommodate nearly all of your needs. From inexpensive cardboard storage boxes to plastic boxes with lids or upholstered pieces, you can find storage boxes for nearly any area of your home, garage, or office.

Need to store things under furniture? Under-bed storage boxes are the perfect size to slide beneath beds, sofas, and dressers. They are shallow, but long and fairly wide. They come in cardboard versions that require assembly, and they can also be purchased in a plastic design with a lid.

Need storage boxes that are a bit deeper? Try a deep plastic cube or rectangular storage box with either a hinged lid or a detached lid. There are also extra large bins that come in handy for storing seasonal clothing, sports gear, and items that need to be stored in the garage or utility shed such as gardening tools. If you sew or do crafts, you might be interested in the many specially designed craft storage boxes that are sectioned to keep your sewing or crafting items organized.

There are covered bins that are just right for dog food, salt for the water softener, or kitty litter, and there are shoebox sized storage boxes that are perfect for storing dress shoes and handbags to keep them free from dust.


Maybe you need more storage in the kitchen. Check out some of the many designs of food storage boxes. From covered plastic canister sets to tall containers for spaghetti, there is a great variety. Airtight storage boxes are terrific for keeping food fresh. There are also storage boxes that seal tightly but have a flip open pouring spout that work well for cereal or oatmeal.

If you are looking for something a bit less utilitarian, check out upholstered cubes and wicker storage boxes. They not only make great hidden storage, they are attractive and can pull double duty as end tables or footstools. Chests and trunks also make good storage pieces.

Organizing your home, garage, or office is easy when you have plenty of great storage boxes for every space.


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Post 3

@raynbow- I use under-the-bed storage boxes, and I have always been very happy with them. They are affordable, don't take up much space, and keep items stored in them safe and dry.

My under-the-bed storage boxes have lids that snap tightly shut on them. Because of this secure feature, I have never had any problems with dust, dirt, or bugs getting into the boxes.

When you shop around for storage boxes to put under your bed, you should look for several features that make them secure. Durable plastic boxes are very good for storing all kinds of items. Lids that fit perfectly and snap securely shut will protect the items you store in the boxes. On the other hand, you should avoid under-the-bed storage boxes that feel thin or flimsy, or have lids that just seem to set on top of them and don't have secure closures.

Post 2

I don't have a lot of closet space, so I need a convenient way to store some articles of clothing when I'm not wearing them. I'm wondering if storage boxes made to fit under the bed are good at keeping out dust and pests.

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