What are the Different Types of Stereo Sound Systems?

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Audio components, or stereo sound systems, come in various styles and with many features and specifications, including multi-channel stereo sound systems. Multi channel stereo systems feature more than the basic two independent audio signal channels. These stereo sound systems also include configurations for left, center, and right channels.

Stereo sound systems may include a basic bookshelf or portable unit or an elaborate home theater package that includes surround sound and other advanced features. Ultra compact and thin music stereo systems are typically used in smaller rooms or apartments that cannot accommodate larger components.

Some of the enhanced add-on features may include large floor-standing bass speakers as well as surround sound speakers that may be placed in another location of the room. Amplifiers and stereo receivers are two of the main components of most stereo sound systems. Sub woofer speakers may also be included in a audio stereo system.

Some stereo systems also include accessories, such as headphones for private listening. Another accessory that may be included in a stereo sound system is a turntable. A turntable is used for playing vinyl records. Other stereo sound systems feature cassette, compact disc, and DVD players.


In addition to the home stereo sound systems, car stereo systems are widely used and found in many automobiles with modern features. This may include amplifiers, sub woofers, and other components. Many car stereo sound systems also include compact disc and DVD players.

Some of the high-end stereo systems for the home include tower loudspeakers or those which are enclosed in a wood or glass cabinet. In-ceiling or in-wall speakers may involve more complex wiring. Some of these speakers may be enclosed in aluminum, with a charcoal, gray, or platinum finish. Some audio systems also include special application speakers.

A home cinema or home theater stereo system is used to enhance the listening experience while watching movies or television programs. This may include a Blu-ray disc™ stereo player and receiver. These systems generally have a high wattage of output power. Many also incorporate what is known as Dolby™ digital surround sound.

Compatibility with digital music players that play MP3 and other formats are a concern for many consumers purchasing a stereo sound system. Many modern stereo systems feature charging docks to accommodate such music players. Most all of these systems, either portable or free standing, include a wireless remote control unit for making selections.


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