What are the Different Types of State Jobs?

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A state can offer jobs in almost every occupation available, including construction, finance, and law enforcement. Since states are generally managed in a way that is comparable to a corporation, many of the same roles exist in government that exist in the private sector. For example, in a corporation, the leading financial professional is likely to be the chief financial officer (CFO), but at the state level this individual is known as the comptroller. The head of a company commonly bears the title chief executive officer (CEO), while in state government this job usually bears the title of governor.

One of the most important state jobs is that of the governor. This individual, who essentially acts as the CEO of a state, has a broad range of powers and responsibilities. These vary depending on the state’s constitution. It is common, however, for the governor to have authority over the military, to be required to fill vacancies of certain state authorities such as the attorney general, and to have the power to make appointments of individuals to certain state jobs. The governor may also have veto power over state legislation.


A state comptroller generally heads an office that acts as a state’s financial headquarters. Although the comptroller may have a staff of hundreds, he is the individual who is usually held responsible for the overall task of paying the state’s bills, including the salaries and benefits of those holding state jobs. He has the responsibility for implementing effective accounting and waste reduction programs. The state comptroller is also usually responsible for compiling a wide range of reports for other government entities.

The judicial branch generally provides a number of state jobs. Like the federal system, at the state level there are judges who handle cases involving the violations of state law. There are also justices who are employed by their state's supreme court to review cases from lower courts and to determine matters of constitutionality.

In society, there may be several types of law enforcers. Some are employed by a federal government and some by a local government. Those who are employed by state governments are commonly referred to as state troopers. These professionals have authority that spans the state and are often used to fill roles that may be difficult for officers who are subject to stricter jurisdictional constraints, such as town police.

There are also a wide range of state jobs that are commonly available in the private sector. Roads and state buildings often need to be built and maintained, which provides construction jobs. Agencies need to operate efficiently for the benefit of the public, which provides administrative jobs for secretaries, receptionists, and clerks. The criminal justice system also provides state jobs in the form of probation officers and correctional officers.


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