What are the Different Types of Stamina Fitness Equipment?

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Stamina refers to the body’s ability to maintain the strength required to perform a repetitive activity over an extended period of time. To increase this ability stamina, various types of fitness equipment can be used. Examples of stamina fitness equipment include exercise bikes, elliptical cross trainers and rowing machines. These types of machines allow the user to perform a repetitive activity against an adjustable resistance. This provides a greater stamina gain in a shorter period of time compared to non-weight bearing exercises.

Elliptical cross trainers are one of the most popular examples of stamina fitness equipment because the machines allow the user to perform a high intensity yet low-impact workout. Jogging is an effective way of increasing stamina because it works a large number of muscles but the downside is that it puts a great amount of stress on the knee, hip and ankle joints. An elliptical cross trainer mimics the movement of jogging to a certain extent while reducing the impact to a minimum. There are several different types of cross trainers including magnetic, air and belt resistance. Belt cross trainers provide value for money while magnetic trainers provide a greater variety of options and are also quieter.


An exercise bike is another common type of stamina fitness equipment that can be used in a person’s own home. Exercise bikes mainly work the leg and gluteus muscles but are also effective at building stamina. In order to avoid repetitive strain injuries it’s important for someone who is new to bike riding to setup the bike correctly. This includes adjusting the seat height so that the knees don’t bend past a certain point.

Another example of a machine that provides a low-impact stamina fitness workout is a rowing machine. As the name suggests, rowing machines allow the user to perform a rowing exercise without having to leave the home. Unlike an exercise bike, rowing machines work on both the upper body and leg muscles and hence are also useful for toning. An important factor of any home stamina fitness equipment is size, which is why a number of rowing machines can be folded up in order to reduce space.

There are other examples of stamina fitness equipment. Steppers are a much simpler yet still effective piece of equipment for increasing stamina. Trampolines are also commonly used and can make exercise more enjoyable. Treadmills are another popular option although provide a high impact workout.


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Post 2

I like to use a rowing machine because it provides a mixture of cardio and resistance training and it provides a whole body workout.

Also, a fitness rowing machine is probably the definition of cheap rowing equipment. You can find a good one new for less than $200. Its great exercise, you can store it under the bed and you won't break the bank. Look past the treadmill and elliptical fitness equipment and think about a rowing machine.

Post 1

I've always been a big fan of the good old fashioned stationary bike. You can find them cheap, they are unobtrusive, and if you use them correctly and with dedication you really can improve your stamina on one.

Its important to have some kind of mechanism on the bike which increases the resistance and makes it harder to pedal. If this can be changed on the fly or preprogrammed it's even better. This kind of variable resistance is crucial for making gains.

I also find it helps to pedal along to some kind of routine, a DVD or music recording. Lots of people sit on their stationary bike and watch TV and never really get into the workout. It takes some focus and a willingness to sweat it you really want to get something out of it

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