What are the Different Types of Spy Tools?

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There are many different types of spy tools available for personal and professional use, and these tools often vary depending on the purposes for which they are made. Some of the most common types of tools for spying are surveillance devices that can be used for viewing and hearing people and places from remote locations. There are also a number of tracking devices that can be used while spying, often by placing the device on a person or vehicle and monitoring its movements. Computer software programs have also become prominent spy tools that can be used to monitor and view the activities of a computer user.

Spy tools are devices or programs that can be used by someone to monitor the actions of another person in a variety of ways. These devices are often used by law enforcement professionals, private investigators, security personnel, and private citizens concerned with security. The use of certain spy tools may be illegal in some areas, often depending on the precise use of such devices and local privacy laws, so care should be taken by anyone using such tools to ensure they are used legally.


Surveillance equipment and devices are among the most common and popular types of spy tools readily available for private and personal use. These devices can range greatly in design and use and may consist of anything from hidden cameras concealed on a person to hidden microphones that record telephone conversations. Many of these devices relay captured video or audio to a remote location where such data is saved and can be played through a computer or similar device.

There are also popular spy tools that can be used for monitoring the movements of a person or vehicle, often referred to as tracking devices. These devices can typically be placed on a person, usually in a pocket or clipped to clothing, and will relay the location of that person to a receiver that displays the location on a small screen. Using the global positioning system (GPS), some devices can also track the movements of a person over long distances and relay this data to a remote location. There are also monitoring devices that have magnets connected to them, allowing them to be attached to a vehicle.

Spy tools can also include software programs that allow someone to monitor the actions of a person on a computer. These programs can include key loggers that track data typed into the computer, often saving such data on an external device or transmitting the data to a remote location. There are also spy tools that can monitor the websites a person visits, and programs that will display the actions of a computer user in real time on the monitor of another computer.


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