What are the Different Types of Spy Phone?

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A spy phone is a miniature spying device used to capture video, audio, and the geographic location of a person through a cell phone. These phones are available in many shapes and designs. This special technology can be installed into standard phones, which allows them to be remotely tracked. The software is typically placed in the internal chip of the phone, where it is difficult to locate.

The technology used for the monitoring of cell phones is widely available in both commercial and free applications today. These products offer a variety of tools that provide a detailed accounting of cell phone usage. Cell phones use SIM cards as memory devices to track messages and phone information. Spy phone technology allows these SIM cards to be recorded and their information transmitted to external monitoring equipment. These cards provide historical records of texting, email, and video transmissions from the cell phone.

A spy phone can be used for multiple tracking situations. These phones are typically used to track cheating spouses or monitor a child’s activities throughout the day. The phone includes software that is automatically updated to the Internet, which enables remote monitoring.

Spy phone software allows the complete surveillance of a telephone through remote control and access. This surveillance includes phone calls and Internet web tracking. Once the spy software is installed onto a phone, a tracking device can be used to listen and record all phone conversations on the phone.


Global positioning system (GPS) tracking is another aspect of spy phone software. This type of tool enables the remote monitoring of the location of a cell phone. With the evolution of GPS devices in cell phones, surveillance equipment can not only monitor conversations but also monitor a user's travel and movements.

Spy phone technology allows the auditing of all incoming and outgoing phone calls. By using this spy software, the specific call times, phone numbers, and call durations are tracked and reported. This provides a complete audit of all phone conversations throughout the day.

Many cell phones today are considered smart phones. These phones enable full access to software programs and Internet websites that were once reserved for personal computers. Spy phone technology provides full auditing of all games, web sites, instant messaging chats, and Internet browsing. This software is similar to monitoring software that can be added to a computer desktop.


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