What are the Different Types of Spy Gadgets?

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Technology has made some types of spying easy. An individual can find a wide range of spy gadgets that make snooping on another person simple. Among the most common types of spy gadgets are listening devices, video surveillance equipment, and cameras. Additionally, global positioning system (GPS) devices are used for tracking vehicles and people.

Listening devices are among the many types of spy gadgets a person may purchase. These devices allow an individual to listen in on another party's conversation secretly. Often, these devices allow the person who wants to spy to hear not only conversations that are going on nearby, but also those that are a significant distance away and very faint. In some cases, listening devices have microphones that can be positioned far from the subject of the spying. Others, however, include microphones that can be hidden inside a pen or a pair of sunglasses.

Another category of spy gadgets includes those that allow an individual to take video footage of another person while the subject is unaware he is being watched or videotaped. Video surveillance systems typically consist of a wireless video camera and a monitor on which the footage can be viewed. Often, these systems include recording capabilities so the footage can be captured and retained for later use. In many cases, video surveillance cameras can be hidden in household objects for discreet recording. Sometimes cameras are even hidden inside sunglasses and writing instruments.


An individual interested in spy gadgets may also find cameras that make it easy to covertly take another party’s photograph. Typically, these cameras are small enough to be hidden in what appears to be an ordinary pen. In fact, some spy cameras are even designed to take photographs from inside a package of gum.

GPS devices are also among those that may be used as spy gadgets. A GPS device may be wired into a car to allow an individual to track the car without alerting the driver or any of the passengers. Often, these devices are placed under a seat or even in the trunk of a car where it is unlikely to be detected. Additionally, GPS devices make it easy to track people. In many cases, these devices are so small they can be hidden in personal objects a person carries or wears on a regular basis. For example, an individual may hide a GPS in a wristwatch for the purpose of spying.

Despite the fact that there are many types of spy gadgets on the market, using them isn’t always legal. Many jurisdictions have laws that protect individuals against certain types of surveillance and invasions of privacy. An individual may do well to research the laws that apply to his area before buying and using spy gadgets.


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