What Are the Different Types of Spring Roll Dipping Sauce?

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Different types of spring roll dipping sauce are often based on the primary ingredients used in them, such as fish sauce or peanut butter. One common type of condiment that is simple to make is based on fish sauce, often with the addition of water, sugar, and some acidity from vinegar or lime juice. Peanut butter varieties are also fairly common and often include some soy sauce, sugar, and chili oil to enhance the flavor of the peanuts. There are also some fairly sweet spring roll dipping sauces similar to those used with eggrolls, such as sweet and sour or plum sauce.

A spring roll dipping sauce is typically prepared to accompany spring rolls in a number of Asian cuisines. Spring rolls are often made in a way similar to eggrolls, with filling that is often a mixture of different vegetables and can include cooked meats. Rather than frying the wrapped spring rolls, however, they are commonly eaten fresh after rolling, leaving them with a light texture and crisp flavor.


One of the most common and popular types of spring roll dipping sauce is made using fish oil. This sauce often begins with water and some acidity from rice vinegar or citrus juice, which is heated to dissolve sugar into it. Fish oil and other ingredients such as minced garlic and diced chilies can then be added to this mixture before serving. Spring roll dipping sauce based on fish oil is quite popular in regions such as Thailand.

Peanut butter is also frequently used to make spring roll dipping sauce, though roasted and chopped peanuts can also be added. The peanut butter is typically used as a base, to which are added soy sauce, sugar, and rice vinegar. Other ingredients like diced garlic and chilies or chili oil can also be added to this spring roll dipping sauce, which requires no cooking before serving.

There are also a number of other types of spring roll dipping sauce that can be prepared and enjoyed, including just about any type that is served with eggrolls. While eggrolls are typically fried, and spring rolls are often served fresh, they can have similar flavors that are accompanied well by certain condiments. Sweet and sour sauce may be served with spring rolls, though the acidity of this condiment may overwhelm the rolls. Plum sauce is commonly preferred by those who enjoy sweeter flavors and even a small amount can compliment spring roll ingredients like ginger and shrimp.


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There is a great little Vietnamese restaurant right by where I live that makes amazing veggie spring rolls. They usually serve them with a peanut dipping sauce that is to die for. I always ask for a double order of sauce when I go in there.

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