What are the Different Types of Software Architect Jobs?

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A software architect, commonly referred to as a software engineer, is a professional whose job it is to build working software platforms, websites, and web services for companies. There are many types of software architect jobs within three main categories in this field. Professionals who have experience in programming design will go into front-end web architecture and maintenance. Those who prefer databases will seek software architect jobs doing back-end computer work. Professionals with graphic design experience may want to consider web design jobs within the software architect field.

Front-end software architect jobs involve using programming languages such as Ruby and Java to maintain the client-facing side of various web services. Such jobs usually include fixing bugs that may arise from client use of the software. These kind of programmers also devise ways to make the web service easier for clients to use. User interaction and user experience, the two bodies of knowledge which seek to find the best ways to present information to users online, falls within the category of front-end software architecture.


Not everyone who wishes to be a software architect has an eye or an interest in design, and for these people there are jobs working on the back-end side of software architecture. These jobs usually include creating and maintaining Structured Query Language (SQL) databases. Web services usually have enormous and incredibly complex databases to hold the millions of pieces of virtual data that must be rendered. Due to this complexity, many software companies have a sizable team of back-end engineers who are skilled in SQL, Python, Perl, and other dynamic programming languages.

Graphic design is a burgeoning field among software architect jobs. People with creative and artistic talents and an interest in the Internet can break into the software architect world as graphic designers. These kind of designers come up with the colors, modules, and typography that will be used to create a website and execute a client's plans. Graphic designers are required to know certain web markup and style sheet languages such as HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in order to create visually appealing websites. These professionals must be familiar with commercial website design software.

Becoming a software architect for front-end or back-end web programming typically involves obtaining a bachelor's degree in computer science. Aspiring graphic designers do not need a bachelor's degree in a computer science. Most software architect jobs in web design usually require a bachelor's degree in graphic design or studio art.


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A software architect is not confined to web based work only (as hinted in this article) and isn't really a synonym for software engineer either. A software engineer can work in any science field related to algorithms and computer sciences in general. From higher mathematics to microchip development.

It sad that people view us "real engineers" as mere web developers these days.

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