What Are the Different Types of Smoked Salmon Appetizer?

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Different types of smoked salmon appetizer can include those in which the smoked salmon is the featured ingredient and is allowed to stand on its own, or those in which it is heavily mixed with other ingredients. In some recipes, smoked salmon is the main ingredient; though other ingredients are used, the salmon is typically left whole or in pieces and is easily discernible in terms of texture and flavor. There are other types of smoked salmon appetizer, however, in which the fish is diced or otherwise cut up and used with other ingredients to contribute flavor while not being the focus of the dish.

A smoked salmon appetizer is a dish that is typically served at the beginning of a meal and in which smoked salmon is one of the main ingredients. In some dishes, in fact, the salmon is such an important ingredient that it is easily discernible among other ingredients and often provides the primary source of flavor in a dish. One of the most common appetizers made in this way is a dish in which crackers or toasted bread slices are topped with flavored cream cheese and thin slices of smoked salmon. This is similar to bagels and lox and the smoked salmon provides a rich flavor and saltiness.


Thin slices of smoked salmon can be served on their own, or with a piece of cheese, to form a simple and flavorful smoked salmon appetizer. Other types of appetizers can be further enhanced with the use of smoked salmon. A thin slice of salmon can be wrapped around one or more spears of asparagus, for example, or rolled around a filling of cheese and herbs.

There are also many types of smoked salmon appetizer that features many additional ingredients, and though its flavor is discernible it is mixed with other foods. Rather than serving slices of salmon with flavored cream cheese, for example, the salmon can be chopped and mixed into the cream cheese before spreading onto crackers or toasted bread. Bruschetta can be made using this fish, dicing it into small pieces and mixing it with herbs, onions, tomato, and other ingredients to form a mix that is used atop toasted bread.

Other types of appetizers can be enhanced with the flavor of smoked salmon, without adding large slices of the salmon to them. Potato skins, for example, can include smoked salmon in the mixture that is spooned into the skins, adding saltiness and a rich, smoky flavor. A smoked salmon appetizer can also be made from a small quiche or tart.


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