What Are the Different Types of Small Business Planning Software?

Kristie Lorette

Running a small business requires the business owner or owners to wear a lot of different hats and plan for various aspects of starting and running the business. Fortunately, there are numerous types of small business planning software, which allows the business owner to properly plan for the different things that happen in business. Some of the available small business planning software options include writing a business plan, setting and tracking business goals, creating organizational charts and plans, software to plan for and mange specific company projects and accounting software.

Business planning software may help business owners set goals and track the progress of those goals.
Business planning software may help business owners set goals and track the progress of those goals.

When small business is just starting out, ideally before the business opens, the first type of small business planning software the owner should consider using is business planning software. Business planning software programs allow business owners to create a written guide for them and the employees of the business to follow. The business planning software programs walks the business owner through setting goals, writing out a strategic marketing plan for how to attain the goals and to create short-term and long-term goals, along with the steps everyone in the business has to take to achieve all of these goals.

Some business planning software includes tools that not only allow the business owner to set the business goals, but also to track the progress of the goals. Being able to track the progress of the goals that have been set allow the business owner and employees to make adjustments where necessary to get on the right path to reaching the goals, or to continue on the path to reach the goals that have been set.

When a small business first starts out, the owner may be its only employee. Business planning software that creates organizational charts allows the business owner to plan for employee needs as the organization grows. This type of software allows the business owner to estimate and plan for the types of employees and the number of employees it may need to get from where the business is today to where the owner wants it to be in the future.

Some small businesses manage individual client projects. For these types of companies, project management software may be beneficial. This type of software allows to the business to treat each project it is working on as its own entity. The software allows tracking of employee time, costs and progress as a few of the items it measures.

Many small business owners choose to manage their own accounting instead of working with a professional accountant. In this case, business planning software that deals specifically with small business accounting allows small business owners to be their own company accountant.

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