What are the Different Types of Slippers?

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Slippers are normally thought of as footwear people use while relaxing in the home. Men, women and children enjoy sliding on a pair after the day's activities are done. Nothing quite conjures up the height of "creature comfort" as the thought of a pair of comfy slippers. There are many different types, and fabric, pattern, and colors vary greatly. The soles can be hard or soft.

Popular styles of slippers for men include suede moccasins, leather loafers, corduroy slip-ons, and fleece-lined, such as the extremely popular Sherpa boot variety. Women's styles include sexy high-heeled mules, terrycloth scuffs, stretchy ballet, Plain Jane sock-styles, homemade knitted or crocheted anklets, and cloth booties. For children, different types range from the practical to the fanciful and can include animal-shapes, oversized slippers, fuzzy ones, and even ones with cuffs, which may stay on better and make them harder to lose.

Today, the different types can also include what people might consider casual outdoor shoes. Some examples are flip flops, thongs, and sandals. These shoes can easily go from the bedroom to the backyard or beach, and back again.


Far Eastern cultures have social customs regarding the appropriate use of different types of slippers, which are far more stringent than that of Western cultures. In Asia, for example, it is customary for people to remove their street shoes before entering a home. Here, hosts provide slippers for their quests. In Japan, people slide out of their house slippers and into tissue slippers to use bathroom facilities.

There are so many different types of slippers that, whatever a person chooses, he or she is likely to find the perfect pair. They are sold in department stores, shoe stores, discount stores, and inexpensive ones are even sold in grocery stores.


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Post 4

Slippers can make a great Secret Santa gift too. A pair of fun slippers are usually pretty cheap, and they are great for stuff like that because most of them come in "one size fits all" types of sizes, so its easy to give them to anyone.

Of course, you usually do have to know what gender your recipient is, so it's not always the most appropriate gift, but if you know who you're buying them for, and can find a good, relatively cheap pair, then you're golden.

Post 3

I think that every man should have a pair of good, solid mens house slippers. They used to be really common during the 1950s, and somehow they fell out of style, but I'm glad that they're coming back.

And I'm not talking about those cheap dollar bin men's slippers that you find at Wal-mart or wherever. I mean a really nice pair of high quality shearling slippers, or even a pair of structured leather slippers.

It's almost comparable to having a really nice armchair. At the end of the day, instead of flopping down in your chair with synthetics around your feet, you should really try out a pair of nice leather ones -- it really does make a huge difference.

Post 2

Wow -- talk about complicated! I had no idea that there were so many different kinds of slippers. I have only recently started actually seriously looking into getting a pair of slippers for myself since my poor bunny slippers that I've been wearing for the past ten years finally gave out.

Since I got them when I was 15, and they're starting to get a hole though the bottom, I figured that it might be time to get a more grown-up pair.

But then I start googling slippers and come up with 8,000 different options -- I mean, you've got shearling slippers, sheepskin slippers, faux leather slippers etc. etc. -- and that's just the materials.

After that you've got all different kinds of styles, everything from house slippers to moccasin slippers. Makes me kind of just want to patch up my bunny slippers...

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