What are the Different Types of Slip-On Sneakers?

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While offering both style and comfort, slip-on sneakers are those sneakers that do not have the traditional laces found on most tennis or sports shoes. They are as simple as their name says. Slip-on sneakers are found in many types and varieties, from those that are more trendy and have a distinctive flair to them to those that are conservative and have a more classic look. Slip-on sneakers can be worn with nearly any casual outfit, including a woman's dress, and are made for all ages. There are types for both men and women, and some are specifically designed for children.

Vans are possibly the most popular type of slip-on sneaker. Ranging from simple one-color design to those with crazy patterns, these sneakers most closely resemble a simplified loafer. Vans, which first became popular in the 1990s with the trendy surfer crowd, are now considered to be classic footwear. Though the pattern of the canvas on one Vans differs drastically from another, the basic design has never varied over the decades since they were first introduced.

Slip-on sneakers, also known as kicks, are not only made by traditional tennis shoe makers. They are also made by trendsetting designers. For example, Marc Jacobs has included slip-on sneakers in his line of footwear. This fashion-forward footwear reflects the brand name in the price.


Children's shoe makers have many types of slip-on sneakers included in their tennis shoe lines. These are especially handy for children who cannot yet tie their own shoes and for the harried mother who finds herself constantly bending to retie a youngster's sneakers. These types of sneakers come in both canvas and leather styles, as well as vinyl and faux leather. Some feature a Velcro&ref; closure to ensure a tighter fit for an active child who might have problems with a looser-fitting sneaker falling off.

Though most types of slip-on sneakers tend toward the more casual look, there are those that are designed for dressier wear. These sneakers, similar to the true traditional loafer, can be found in dark leather tones and in patent leather. Women's slip-on sneakers come in a range of looks, from comfy and casual to those that can be worn with a simple summer dress. Some even feature a bit of a heel, as opposed to the more common flat-soled variety. Though these varieties are a dressier version, these sneakers still offer the total comfort found in a slip-on sneaker.


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