What Are the Different Types of Side Business Ideas?

Side businesses help people make ends meet, or allow the indulgence of a hobby or skill while increasing income. There are hundreds of different types of side business ideas that can help take advantage of a person's interests, talents, and free time. Some of the most common types of side business ideas include craft-based businesses, skill-based jobs, businesses that involve the use of property, and pet-based jobs.

Craft-related side businesses take advantage of a person's natural talents and even hobbies. Some examples of craft-based side business ideas might include offering services as a calligrapher, designing custom wedding gowns, or making homemade pies. Other craft-based business ideas include candle making, jewelry design, and custom t-shirt creation. All of these businesses can be done from home, and may be advertised with a simple website or through local advertising.

Skill-based side business ideas can be great for people with an existing talent, or specific type of education. Many freelance teaching jobs, such as math tutoring, vocal coaching, and fitness instruction, are skill-based opportunities that simply require the right training. Writing and editing skills can lead to a variety of side business opportunities, such as freelance magazine or online writing jobs, proofreading, paper reading for teachers, or even script coverage for film and television production companies.

If a person owns a home, office, or other property, value can be maximized by turning the property into a side business. One great type of business for stay-at-home parents is in-home daycare. Creating an after-school or weekend daycare using a family home can make use of skills and resources that already exist, and can significantly add to income. Other in-home businesses include pet-sitting, using property as a vacation rental, or turning a house into a bed and breakfast. Special licensing and tax laws may apply to in-home businesses, so be certain to fully investigate all legal requirements before having a grand opening.

For animal lovers, choosing side business ideas that focus on furry, feathery, or even scaly critters can be a great way to increase earnings. Some freelance jobs in the animal world include pet-sitting, dog walking, grooming, or animal training. Those with extra room in the house may be able to earn some money fostering pets for rescue societies, who may pay willing volunteers to care for a rescued animal until it is ready to be placed in a permanent home. Pet-based jobs can be a great way to spend more time with animals while still earning money in spare hours.

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Post 3

@irontoenail - I wouldn't start a side business like that unless I absolutely knew that there was going to be demand and that I was going to be able to handle it. You'd also have to know that you had enough capital available and plan to not make any money for a while.

Any kind of business that requires inventory is going to need a lot of start-up time and capital. If it's a side business, where you might not be able to give it 100% of your attention, then you need to be even more careful. You don't want to end up losing the family house on a gamble or anything like that.

You can start a business like that

slowly, or you can figure out an idea that doesn't require inventory. Offering a service can be more rewarding anyway, as it's easier to pick your own hours and leave the business if you ever want to get out of it.
Post 2

@Ana1234 - That's not a particularly efficient way of doing things though. Many people wanting to start a side business need to do so for the money, rather than just because they are bored. It's a nice ideal to talk about doing what you love and I definitely think people should aim for that if they can, but it's even more important to play to your strengths.

My friend's mother, for example, really liked planning parties and ended up starting a side business selling kids party supplies from her home. It's not exactly her dream job, but she does really well and it's helped to ensure their family is comfortable.

Post 1

I don't like sitting with idle hands, but I tend to watch TV a lot in the evenings. So I basically started to crochet in order to keep myself busy.

But it turns out that there is a surprisingly high demand for crocheted items, so it turned into a bit of a side business without my really intending it to. I think that's the best kind of side business, the one that just sprouts up organically from your interests.

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