What are the Different Types of Shower Head Extension?

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A shower head extension is designed to extend the distance and angle of a standard shower head fixture. There are many types of extensions available today in multiple designs and fabrications. Some examples include brass, stainless steel and bronze fixtures with head designs ranging from gentle rain to hard massage pressure.

Showers and shower head designs were first introduced into household plumbing in the early 1800s. This design has evolved over the last few decades, but the basic concept remains the same. The shower is meant to spray water from a tank or plumbing over the head of an individual.

A shower massage head unit is a type of shower head extension. This shower head provides an adjustable pressure control, which is great for relaxing tired tense muscles. The extension unit is typically connected with a flexible hose that can be easily rotated into multiple positions. A gentle rain setting is a popular feature in many shower head extensions. This provides soft gentle water pressure that simulates the feeling of a rain shower.

The shower head extension typically includes three primary parts. These are the head unit, extension device, and connection pipe. These usually connect easily to standard plumbing fixtures.


Using a shower head extension is a great option for a bathroom upgrade. These extensions are available with matching shower knobs and drains, which presents a professional finished look. Most shower heads are relatively inexpensive, which makes them a cost effective addition for a bathroom.

Installing a shower head extension requires a basic understanding of plumbing and faucet fixture assembly. A homeowner can normally accomplish this, but a professional plumber makes the job easier. This installation process typically takes a few hours and requires a few wrenches and plumber's tape.

A brass shower head is an elegant design that gives a bathroom an antique appearance. This type of shower head extension fits well in old Victorian homes and gives the bathroom a touch of historic class. Brass shower heads are typically more expensive than the stainless steal version and are available in either polished or a brushed finish.

Shower head extensions are also available in pewter, copper, and wrought iron finishing. These heads are available in multiple dimensions with unique fabricated designs. These non-standard finished head units are more expensive than standard extensions.


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