What are the Different Types of Shoe Repairs?

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Just about everyone has a favorite pair of shoes they do not want to part with. However, the reality is that shoes do wear out, or at least portions of shoes wear out more quickly than others. Fortunately, it is sometimes possible to repair sections of the shoes and thus prolong the life of that favored pair of shoes. Here are a few examples of shoe repairs that are relatively common.

Perhaps the most typical of all types of shoe repair projects is the replacement of heels. Both men and women tend to wear down the heels on shoes with more frequency than any other portion of the footwear. Often, the wear on the heel is a rounding out of the edges of the heel, a condition that not only mars the look of the shoes but also can make it easier to slip on wet pavement. Fortunately, removing and replacing a heel is a relatively easy and inexpensive example of shoe repairs. The reheeling process only takes a few moments, assuming the shoemaker has the right heels in stock.


Along with the heels, the soles of shoes are also commonly in need of repair before any other part. Soles usually wear out more quickly along the ball of the feet, creating holes that allow moisture and grit into the shoe. While replacing the sole is a little more detailed than replacing a heel, shoe shops are well acquainted with shoe repairs of this type and can usually re-sole a pair of shoes in a day or two.

The toes on shoes are an other area that may wear out a little more quickly than others. When the toes continually rub on the inside of the shoe, they may eventually weaken the material and begin to cause cracks along the exterior of the toe region of the shoe. It is possible to reinforce this area and seal the cracks. However, this is a shoe repair project that can be somewhat harder to deal with and will cost more than other types of shoe repairs. It is a good idea to make sure the cost does not exceed the overall value of the shoes.

The area of the shoe that covers the instep may require repair in more than one way, depending on the design of the shoe. For slip-on designs, the band of elastic found underneath the tongue may split over time. When this happens, the life of the shoe can be prolonged by replaced the elastic band with a new section. The eyelets that protect the holes for shoelaces may also become loose, allowing the laces to rub continually on the leather or other material used for the shoe. When the eyelets are not replaced, this can cause the holes to begin expanding and eventually damaging both the look and the fit of the shoe. While replacing the elastic band on slip-on shoes is somewhat inexpensive, replacing the eyelets on lace-up shoes may be more costly.

With any type of shoe repairs, it is a good idea to get an estimate of the cost associated with the repair. For less expensive shoes, it is often a better option to simply purchase a new pair of shoes. However, when a well-made and costly pair of shoes is in need of repairs, there is a good chance that investing the money in the repair will be far more cost effective than purchasing new shoes.


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Post 3

@spotiche5- I have a very easy and cheap tip for touching up scuffs and worn marks on black shoes. It is also a great way give product a second use.

I save old tubes of black mascara that I can no longer use. Then, when I have a mark on a pair of black shoes that needs touched up, all I do is rub a little bit of mascara on them and just like that, the shoes look like new. Not only is this a cheap way to fix scuff marks, but it also lasts a long time.

Post 2

@spotiche5- Scuffs on black shoes are very easy to fix. All you need is some black shoe polish which you can find at any shoe store. It is not very expensive, and there is enough in one package to touch up many pairs of black shoes.

Post 1

Shoe scuffs are another problem that often occur on shoes after a lot of wear and tear. I have several pairs of black shoes that I wear frequently, and many of them have worn, scuff makes that make them look old and worn. I don't want to spend a lot of money on shoe repairs to fix them, but I also don't want to throw out my black shoes when they can still be worn. Does anyone have some tips for easy, inexpensive ways to repair scuffs on black shoes?

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