What Are the Different Types of Shaker Bedroom Furniture?

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The different types of Shaker bedroom furniture include beds, nightstands, wardrobes and dressers. There are also furniture accent pieces such as Shaker mirrors and benches to place at the end of the bed. Although all Shaker style furniture has straight lines, and much of it also features slatted designs, the different color options can create many different types of bedroom looks.

For instance, dark Shaker furniture placed in a bedroom can create a much different mood than white painted wood pieces in the same style. There are also light and medium wood tones as well as other painted colors such as dark green available. Unfinished pine Shaker bedroom furniture allows the buyer to finish it as desired. Knotty pine Shaker furniture can be a great touch for rustic-styled bedrooms.

Some Shaker beds have a lot of space between the headboard and foot board slats, while others don't. Some beds in Shaker bedroom sets have a mix of wood panels and slats on the head and foot boards. Chests of drawers in Shaker sets, or those sold separately, may have full-length drawers in rows of four or five, or there may be some half-length ones included. These shorter drawers are often included at the top of a Shaker style dresser and may be used to hold smaller clothing items such as socks. Tall or short and high or low describe the range of chest of drawer types available in Shaker styles.


Shaker wardrobes may have no drawers, but just a top shelf and space for hanging clothing. Other models of Shaker bedroom furniture wardrobes have one or two drawers at the bottom of the unit. There are also styles of Shaker wardrobes that feature a mini clothes hanging section on one side and a row of drawers on the other. Mirrored wardrobes in Shaker designs are often full length. Shaker bedroom furniture storage pieces often have ample sized compartments.

Accessory mirrors designed to accompany Shaker bedroom furniture tend to be rectangular in keeping with the main line of this style. They may often be hung above a low Shaker style dresser. Shaker bed benches are usually quite simple in design and may be used as seating when putting on shoes or as a table to hold folded blankets. Other Shaker bedroom accents include free-standing, wood-framed full-length mirrors and slatted magazine stands.


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