What Are the Different Types of Sex Self-Help?

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Some individuals seeking sex self-help may benefit from the wide range of publications or videos that are available to address different sexual issues. Others may benefit from physical resources that address medical issues or that provide stimulation. There are self-help programs that offer a variety of resources that can be used in conjunction with one another. If a person wants to develop a personalized program, the Internet is a good source of information.

There are several alternatives to professional sex therapy. Self-help books, sometimes referred to as bibliotherapy, are one such option. To best address individuals' needs, these publications are often written for one gender or the other. Many of them also tend to focus on specific problems, such as vaginismus or sex addiction. These publications can be very comprehensive and may have beneficial features, such as diagrams, photographs, and sources for additional assistance if needed.

Individuals who need sex self-help but who do not want to do a lot of reading may prefer videos. There are also a wide range of these resources available to address different sexual issues, including improving the sexual experience. These can be found in a number of styles, from documentary-type recordings to instructional activities for couples. These are often made available in numerous formats, such as online videos and DVDs.


Some sex problems, such as vaginismus, are physical issues. Professional help for these problems commonly requires the use of tools. Due to the increasing number of people who wish to address their sexual problems privately, tools such as dilators are often available for personal use. There are also those who benefit from items that promote arousal. For these people, there are a number of visual and physical items, such as erotic images and stimulating tools, that are designed to address issues that are less likely connected to a medical problem.

There are some sex self-help programs that provide an individual with numerous resources, such as a DVD, a written guide, and tools for any physical exercises that are suggested. In addition to these items, there are a number of support tools online that can help a person who is pursuing sex self-help. Some forums and chat rooms allow an individual to anonymously connect with others who may have dealt with similar sexual problems or problems regarding a particular self-help approach. Some sex self-help programs also offer online or telephone hot-line assistance that allows an individual to address his or her issues with professionals who can answer questions and offer advice.

The Internet can be a good source for individuals who are looking to develop a personalized sex self-help program without making a purchase. There is an abundance of information online that offers suggestions regarding sexual positions, diets, and lifestyle changes that can help individuals to overcome their issues. Many of these resources are provided by professionals such as sex therapists and doctors.


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Post 3

The good thing about self help is that it is less expensive than paying a therapist or some other person. I also think self help is the best help since you know yourself better than anyone else does and you should be able to figure out what works best for you.

Post 2

I think you should be careful about trying to diagnose and treat yourself. I'm not saying that self-help articles and books can't be helpful, but they shouldn't be expected to treat all problems. It's one thing to read a self-help article about how to lose weight when you are five or ten pounds overweight, and a totally different situation if you are so overweight that you are having serious health issues.

There are times when you need professional help. Professionals are trained and should be able to give you some insight on your personal issues. Self-help articles and books are directed at general audiences not one person in particular.

Post 1

So much emphasis is put on sex in the United States that it's almost impossible for people not to have some type of hangup when it comes to having sex. Sex is supposed to be a natural act, yet everywhere you turn someone is telling us how often to have sex, who to have sex with and on and on.

Actually, what we are more likely to do in this country is tell people why they can't have sex. I get so upset when I hear TV preachers telling people why they can't have sex before they are married and making teenagers think there is something wrong with the sexual urges they are experiencing. We need to stop making sex a bad thing that needs to be hidden. Once we do that, people won't need so much self help in this area.

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